Workplace Investigations Training

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Organization: Alight
Closing date: 24 Nov 2023

Workplace Investigations Training

Proposed assignment period: January – February 2024

Reports to: Director, People Relations & Wellbeing

Location/Methodology: Flexible – The methodology proposed by the consultant/s to inform if in-person or remote, or a mix to cover the proposed locations.

Grant/Fund code: HQ00100/ 103500


Alight was founded in 1979 to serve displaced people in Southeast Asia. Today, the team of 2,300 serves displaced people across 20 countries worldwide. Our journey began and continues to be anchored in a core and fundamental characteristic that resides within the hearts of our community: Every human being is full, whole, complex, and worthy of being truly seen. We choose to walk alongside those who by sheer luck and circumstance ended up on the long and arduous journey of displacement. We co-create better services and pathways with displaced people, our frontline staff, and others. Complemented by local and global partners, we implement high quality, human-worthy services.

Alight is structured in an enterprise approach. Alight is made up of five organizations: Alight, Kuja Kuja, Eastern Congo Initiative, Questscope, and ORAM. Additionally, the Alight global team, with hubs in the US and Kenya, works collaboratively and supportively with 10 Alight enterprises world-wide. Each enterprise is led by an Executive Director.


We aim to create meaningful change in people’s lives in a safe environment for all our stakeholders. This entails our commitment to safeguarding and preventing Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment (PSEAH) and improving standards, and best practices in relation to workplace incident management. In 2022, Alight PSEAH policy was revised with material changes aimed at creating a safe environment for all our stakeholders.

Within the purview of the implementation of Alight revised PSEAH policy and in order to ensure that a safe culture is created within the organization, the appropriate structures and operational units for mainstreaming safe organisation must be put in place. This requires having in place competent and empowered team who are designated in all of Alight offices, with the responsibility to investigate workplace incidents In line with the Inter-Agency Standing Committee’s (IASC’s) Core Principles No. 5, that commits to ensuring effective mechanisms and systems are in place to address incidents and occurrences.

Scope of work + Tasks/Purpose & Objective

Alight recognizes that some incidents or occurrences at the workplace will require investigations. Therefore, we seek to engage a consultant/s to provide accredited training on conducting workplace investigations. This is part of building Alight internal capacity.

The Consultant/s will train selected staff drawn from programs countries in each of our enterprise geographies -the Americas, Europe, East Africa, Horn of Africa, Middle East, and South East Asia. We will determine the number of staff for training based on the Consultant capacity and recommendation.

Specific Activities

Proposed project activities will include (not limited to):

Phase 1: Design or adopt an accredited workplace investigation training program & detailed course content. Also, highlight tools and methodology to be used to deliver the training including course plan for each day. Activities will include;

  1. Submit (as part of your proposal) course adopted or designed for Alight consideration.
  2. Alight review and feedback to the selected successful consultant/s. This review will consider Alight’s related policies and procedures for context
  3. Receive feedback on the proposed concept and proposal and submit an Inception report and costed work plan.

Phase 2: Deliver the designed or accredited workplace investigations training that will equip participants with tools and skills to conduct investigations, analyze findings and write reports. Activities will include;

  1. Support/inform plans and logistics for the training (to include communications drafts, pre-work readings, assignments, any surveys, etc.)
  2. Conduct the workplace investigation training for the identified team.
  3. Provide two reports; progress and completion reports, including certification, any surveys, photos, and similar as part of final assignment pack.

Deliverables and Timeline

Final accredited course design, methodology and tools

2 pax; 3.5 days

End of December 2023

Inception report and costed work plan

1 pax; 2 days

Mid-January 2024

Training support, logistics’ guidance

2 pax; 2 days

Mid-January 2024

Training preparations and delivery (number of trainings and locations based on proposal and approved Inception work plan)

2 pax; 7 days

Mid-February 2024

First progress report

1 pax; 2 days

End-January 2024

Final progress report and assignment pack (includes incorporating Alight feedback and requests)

2 pax; 2.5 days

End February 2024

Note: Payment will be made within 30 days of receipt and approval of the invoice following the completion of specific phases/components of the assignment. Therefore, clearly outline the phases/key milestones and associated $ costs in your proposal submission.

Consultant/Firm Skills and Experience we’re seeking:

  • Human-centered consultant with experience in collaborative and consultative work approaches, including in delivery of training (in person or remote).
  • Knowledge and experience working on complaints and response mechanisms with humanitarian or like-minded agencies.
  • Demonstrate practical experience and knowledge in designing and conducting participatory training including developing training materials standards and guidelines for institutional capacity building in relevant areas.
  • Confirmation of accreditation to offer such training is expected.
  • Fluency in oral and written English is required. Conversance with languages of/in the Enterprise geographies a plus
  • Deep understanding, knowledge, and appreciation of PSEA in humanitarian contexts.
  • In-depth knowledge of local ethical/conduct/compliance-related risks, employee rights and obligations, and related laws in various contexts.
  • Experience working with diverse cultures and teams worldwide; ability to effectively work, support, and coordinate with teams remotely and across varied time zones
  • Comfort and confidence – and absence of conflict of interest – leading this initiative

Expression of Interest:

Interested and qualified individual or team of consultant/s or firm should submit a letter of expression of interest and a detailed, costed and timed concept and project proposal to Alight by 24th November 2023.

The EOI should include confirmation of availability for the assignment aligned to proposed timeline; provide a high level interpretation of the assignment/scope of work (not more than one-side of A4 page/paper), highlight tools, methodology and/or curriculum (and it’s accreditation) you propose to employ, the number of days needed for each key task or activity and associated total $ (professional, other fees) cost excluding costs that ALIGHT will directly meet/reimburse (which are as follows: Ground travel, flights and airport transfers- in case of in person training). Also, accommodation (not meals), printing, copying, stationery and supplies directly linked to the project. Add CVs of person/s proposed to deliver the assignment. Also, please address how you/your firm or team proposes to address the geographic spread, and time-zone implications of this assignment. Time and expenses associated with proposal submission are not eligible costs.

Alight is an Equal Opportunity Employer offering employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, citizenship, physical or mental disability, or protected veteran status. Alight complies with all applicable laws governing nondiscrimination in employment.

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