Wellness Counselor, Haitian Creole

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Organization: Global Press
Closing date: 15 Nov 2022

Department: Global Press, Duty of Care

Status: Contract, On-Call

Location: Remote

Compensation: Hourly, per session

Deadline to receive applications: November 15, 2022

Start date: November 30, 2022

About the Global Press Wellness Network:

Global Press is reimagining international journalism by building women-led news bureaus in the world’s most challenging places. We produce feature and investigative news in seven languages for a global audience of millions.

But this work doesn’t come without risk.

We’ve built the industry’s leading Duty of Care program to provide for the complex security and wellness needs of local, women journalists. For them, extraction is never an option. So, we created an inclusive security methodology that prioritizes the interconnectedness of physical, emotional, digital and legal security. We’ve expanded emotional security offerings by creating the Global Press Wellness Network. The Wellness Network is made up of a group of counselors and mental health practitioners who provide on-call virtual counseling or wellness coaching sessions to reporters around the world in their local languages.

How it works:

Global Press Journal, the news publication of Global Press, operates more than 40 independent news bureaus in some of the world’s least-covered places. All Global Press Journal reporters are local women and professional journalists who cover the communities in which they live with dignified, precise news that reaches an audience of millions every month. All reporters receive strong salaries, health benefits, paid family leave and access to the Global Press Wellness Network.

After passing our screening process, counselors become active in the network and are eligible to receive referrals (on average, between 1 and 10 sessions per month.)

Reporters who request sessions (an unlimited number is paid for by Global Press) are paired with an approved, licensed counselor who has topical, regional or linguistic expertise to assist the reporter. Counselors must keep robust (confidential) notes, offer culturally appropriate support and design collaborative treatment approaches with reporters.

Counselors bill per session on a monthly cycle.

About You:

Global Press is looking for licensed, qualified mental health professionals with international backgrounds or work experience to grow our Global Wellness Network, which provides exceptional mental health services to our team of journalists around the world.

This recruitment is for Haitian Creole language speakers only. Familiarity and experience working in Haiti, or with Haitian diaspora communities, is preferred.

All Global Wellness Counselors must offer culturally responsive and trauma-informed care. They must have culturally diverse experience to ensure that treatment approaches are locally appropriate. Previous teletherapy experience is required. Oral and written fluency in Haitian Creole is required. Experience working or living in Haiti, or working with Haitian diaspora communities, is preferred.

Global Press is an employee-centered workplace that prioritizes employee wellness in a diverse, challenging, creative, humor-filled environment.


• Respond to scheduling requests from reporters within 24 hours

• Facilitate intake sessions for new referrals

• Develop individualized, therapeutic treatment plans using evidence-based practices to respond to the needs of professional, women journalists who have requested sessions due to stress, anxiety, secondary trauma or other issues impacting their well-being

• Ensure that treatment plans and modalities are adaptive and respond appropriately to reporters’ cultural backgrounds, languages, and experiences

• Maintain confidentiality and detailed client records

• Submit monthly invoices to Global Press for all facilitated sessions


Global Press Wellness Network clinicians must:

• Be licensed in the country where they live

• Hold a Masters degree (or equivalent) in psychology, psychiatry, counseling, social work or related field

• Have at least three years of counseling/therapy experience working with individuals

• Have experience facilitating teletherapy or remote treatment sessions

• Have the ability to provide counseling sessions outside of normal business hours (to accommodate time zone differences and reporter needs)

• Have therapeutic experience and background in treating complex stress and trauma

• Have experience working with individuals from different cultures and countries; international experience required

• Have experience in curriculum development and wellness programming a plus

We do not require that counselors live in the same countries as our reporters. We are seeking individuals who have both the language skills and cultural competencies necessary to authentically engage with and serve our reporters.

Clinicians must have fluency in English and the following languages: Haitian Creole

How to apply

Applications may be submitted via: https://jobs.polymer.co/global-press/25980

Submit a resume and cover letter in English by November 15, 2022. In your cover letter, please describe how your past professional experiences would be an asset to the Global Press Wellness Network. Please note that you will be asked to provide one professional reference, as well as proof of licensing or accreditation.

Select applicants will move through a three-phase process that includes:

  • Phone Screen
  • Credential Verification and Reference Check
  • Extended Interview

To learn more about Global Press’ impact, visit GlobalPress.co. The read the powerful journalism produced by our global reporting team, visit GlobalPressJournal.com



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