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OHCHR Intranet Transformation and Knowledge hub Project

Terms of Reference – UX/UI Designer – Consultant


OHCHR is currently hiring a passionate, user centered UI/UX Designer to join a collaborative and innovative team in transforming OHCHR’s intranet in an easy-to-use solution with an integrated knowledge hub. The solution should respond to the needs of a work-force spread around the world, working in fast-paced and challenging environments to implement a complex human rights mandate. 

The ideal candidate is an experienced UX/UI designer with strong research, analytical and information architecture skills. A proven record in designing solutions that meet user needs is required. The candidate should have excellent research skills to understand user needs and identify solutions. Experience in SharePoint Online is a must. Experience with international organizations is a plus. 

About the project 

OHCHR’s existing intranet is a vastly underused resource. Content is out of date, lacks a strategic information architecture and does not respond to staff needs. Using SharePoint Online, we are looking to create a new and dynamic platform for all the Office’s internal communication, information and knowledge sharing needs. It will be a “one-stop shop” for sharing and collaboration. 

The Knowledge Hub will offer dynamic repositories, online collaboration platforms, enable online collaboration and knowledge sharing across geographic and organizational areas across the Office, while contributing to strengthening our institutional memory.

Objectives and Targets 

  1. Scoping Phase 

  • To research and understand OHCHR user needs for a new intranet and knowledge hub 

  • Draft?business, user, functional and non-functional requirements?for a new intranet and knowledge hub 

  • To identify and understand challenges of the existing intranet  

  1. Design Phase 

  • Propose a solution for the new platform, including a user-friendly information architecture, including structure and navigation, and user interface, search options, collaboration elements and other innovative features, in line with current industry standards 

  • Propose architecture and composition/contents of the solution’s homepage and other key landing pages, grounded on user research 

  • Deliver mockups/templates with 2-3 alternatives and collaborate with the project manager and/or technical team that will implement the solution to ensure the suggested proposals are feasible in Sharepoint Online.  

Tangible and measureable outputs of the work assignment 

  • Produce two reports as follows: 

  1. Report 1, to include: 

  • An analysis of the key challenges of the existing intranet, with specific recommendations for a new architecture, key features it shall implement to respond to identified user needs and based on market standards 

  • The results of the user need research, including an analysis of key findings and recommendations for the new solution, as well as?business, user, functional and non-functional requirements 

  • Recommendations on how to implement the new solution in SharePoint online 

This work shall include interviews, focus group discussions, surveys and/or use other consultation practices during the scoping phase to: 

  • Understand the organization 

  • Understand key pain points and staff needs to be addressed 

  • Understand current intranet challenges 

  • Understand current knowledge sharing challenges 

  • Understand current intranet user ‘feel’ and challenges across the organization 

  • Clearly define intranet and knowledge hub transformation project objectives and key elements that shall be put in place to address identified needs 

  1. Report 2, to include:  

  • A detailed explanation of the proposed new solution, including business, user, functional and non-functional requirements, as well as? detailed information architecture and navigation system, what collaborative elements to be included and why, as well as other innovative features the candidate suggests 

  • A detailed plan/mock-up of the new homepage and key landing pages with a rational for the design 

  • Templates/wireframes for content according to the new structure (number to be determined with the consultant). 

This work should include: 

  • A desk-review of good practices available in the market to be used as benchmarks for the solution 

? Create user flows, prototypes or mockups for one or two rounds of feedback by sample users across OHCHR and adjusted according to needs identified and feedback received 

Future work will include: 

? Translating requirements into style guides, design systems, design patterns, with clear flows  

? Designing UI elements such as input controls, navigational components and informational components 

? Identifying and troubleshooting UX problems (e.g. responsiveness, usability, etc.) (derived from testing and adjusting) 

  • Regular interaction with the project technical team by email and in virtual and possibly in-person meetings. 

Schedule of the work delivery and payments 

The duration of this initial project is expected to last 2-3 months. The scoping phase is expected to take 1.5 months and the design phase 1.5 months. The candidate will work closely with a project manager and the OHCHR team. Payment will be done in two installments: at the mid-way point or upon delivery of Report 1 and upon completion of the project, i.e. delivery of Report 2. The project is expected to continue in 2022, subject to availability of funds. 

Performance Indicators 

  1. A wide range of OHCHR colleagues ? from HQ, NY and field presences (covering different geographic locations/country, regional offices, human rights advisers, peace operations human rights components) – are consulted and their needs thoroughly mapped and assessed 

  1. The analysis of the existing intranet challenges are comprehensive and include all key aspects of the site and user experiences 

  1. The solutions suggested respond to identified user needs, are applicable in SharePoint online and follow Office 365 logic, and are in line with industry standards and best practices/results/impact 

  1. The reports are delivered according to the schedule of work and respond to objectives set. 

Job Qualification Requirements 

  • Bachelor or equivalent degree in computer science, information systems or information technology, graphic or UX/UI design, information management, or equivalent. 

  • Proven record of strong UX/UI research skills 

  • Good knowledge of and experience with SharePoint Online 

  • Prior experience as a UX/UI Designer as well as a successful UX and other technical projects portfolio, in particular of intranet and knowledge sharing platforms design related projects 

  • Has excellent communication skills and can clearly articulate ideas, designs, and suggestions as well as incorporate feedback received to adjust suggested designs to needs 

  • Strong attention to detail and a keen eye for aesthetics 

  • A strong team player who can collaborate effectively with different stakeholders in a multi-faceted and diverse team 

No of years of relevant work experience: 7-10 years 

Special skills: SharePoint Online, UX/UI Design, design and prototyping software. 

Languages: Fluency in English is required. Knowledge of French and/or Spanish is an asset. 

Contract Details 

Duration: 2-3 months 

Period: As soon as possible and until 31 December 2021, with the possibility of extension, subject to funds availability. 

Location of contract 

Home based 


To express interest, please contact: 

Line Konstad ? line.konstad@un.org and  

Adriana Jacinto ? adriana.jacinto@un.org

Source: Behance JobList