Terms of Reference: Member-to-Member Communication Solutions Consultant

Organization: CIVICUS
Closing date: 19 Feb 2021

CIVICUS exists to defend people power. As a growing global alliance of over 10000 members in 175 countries, we work together to monitor violations of basic civic freedoms, call out the perpetrators of violations and strengthen the power of people to organise by supporting a more accountable, effective and innovative civil society. We strive to promote excluded voices, especially from the Global South.

One of the key strengths of our member-based alliance is the opportunity for members to connect with each other geographically and thematically, building capacity, facilitating peer-learning and strengthening the network. Since the beginning of 2020 CIVICUS has been engaging with this broad membership to gain an in-depth understanding of the needs and functionalities of a member-to-member communication solution. In addition, the member-to-member solution needs to integrate with our membership database, maintain and sustain the CIVICUS Alliance online community, and enable members to collaborate with each other and the Secretariat in an online safe environment.

The member-to-member communications solutions must have the following functionalities:

  • Content creation: users can create different types of content with a variety of tools and features
  • Integration: ideally should integrate with Office 365 and Dynamics
  • Ability to support groups and communities of practice
  • Other features: collaboration, newsfeed, directory of members, polls, location-based groups, document management, learning systems, translation features
  • Community management: onboarding and on-going community management
  • Discovery: directory search feature with filters
  • Customisation: features should be customisable depending on the needs of the user group
  • Registration: customizable registration form
  • Engagement: interaction between users, can target specific users

CIVICUS has over 10k members, however it is envisioned that the initial cohort of members onto the member-to-member communication platform will be 1000. The licencing fees per user should be included in the proposal budget.

CIVICUS is seeking a company that can build and implement this member-to-member communication solution. This would ideally be in the form of a blended solution, automating off-the shelf solutions, or building smaller solutions to augment something missing from a bought solution.

Further information on our UX Research can be shared on request.

How to apply:


Interested parties are welcome to submit their proposal in writing to CIVICUS at membership@civicus.org by the 19 February 2021. This must include:

  • Proposal on how the solution meets the needs of the member-to-member platform outlined above
  • Background on the capabilities of the organization to meet the requirements of this work
  • A financial proposal including estimated days for completion of the project and licensing user fees for 1000 members
  • ‘Member-to-member communications solution proposal’ must be included in the subject line of the email

The deadline for applications is the 19 February 2021. Please contact us at membership@civicus.org if you have any questions.


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