Terms of Reference for Consultant to review and structure an internal inclusive humanitarian action toolbox

Organization: Handicap International – Humanity & Inclusion
Closing date: 25 Nov 2021


The Project for Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action was developed in order to improve HI’s capacity to respond to humanitarian actors request to provide technical support and build their capacity on Inclusive Humanitarian Action (IHA). It is a ‘global project’, led by HQ specialist with piloting activities in some countries where HI is active on IHA in order to further develop and strategize learning materials and tools.

With this rapidly growing demand, there is a need to consolidate and strengthen HI’s capacity building approaches and resources, successful practices in transferring knowledge and skills on IHA, document and use best practices to further support the progress of humanitarian actors on disability inclusive programming and coordination.. The Wellspring project aims to respond to this through the review, development and testing of tools for capacity building and building awareness so that our teams in-country will be able to respond to the technical support and capacity development demands at various levels of humanitarian interventions in various settings and be able to monitor progress against capacity development.

The above mentioned toolbox aims to:

ü To make available guidance and tools on inclusive humanitarian action to our field specialists

ü To support enhancing the quality and harmonization of our approach, by aligning our tools with the global frameworks and learnings on promoting inclusive humanitarian action.

ü To make available and support better identification and use of success factors, learnings and good practices while promoting inclusive humanitarian action

ü To help improve knowledge on inclusive humanitarian action homogeneously among HI inclusive humanitarian action teams to enhance the support to external actors at different levels and within different sectors.


We are looking for a consultant with strong experience on learning, as well as monitoring and evaluation to support us on structuring, finalizing and improving access for different outcomes to our Inclusive Humanitarian Action toolbox. The current toolbox is managed and hosted by the HQ specialists who developed th toolbox and does not specify pathways for different user’s purposes (according to role, intervention context, type of technical support request) making access of program specialists difficult. The toolbox consists more than hundred tools, including several training packages, divided into 6 sections.

Support in formatting, structuring and adapting the toolbox so that HI HQ inclusive humanitarian action specialist and in-country specialists can easily access and use according to identified needs in the most autonomous way.

The consultant will work on the key following tasks:

  • Support better alignment of the tools with the aligned with HI policy paper on ‘promoting inclusive humanitarian action’ and the global strategies on inclusion of persons with disabilities in humanitarian action, IASC guidelines

  • Design pathways for different users profiles and capacity development purposes use for different purposes (type of context, level of intervention, type of technical support request)

  • Suggest ways for better connections and flow between tools to improve access of users

  • Support reviewing and finalizing skills development packages to ensure coherence and needs, interest and outcome based actions

  • Support the developing short guidance for adaptation of tools to different humanitarian scenario’s and contexts

  • Review current tool revision grid and suggest ways to monitor the use/quality/adaptation of tools

  • Support in improving the design, formatting and accessibility of the tools

All tools are currently developed in English.


Ø Strong proven in learning, Monitoring & Evaluation

Ø Experience working with Humanitarian actors

Ø Experience on working on disability inclusion or protection mainstreaming is an asset

Ø Experience working on accessible content development and learning

Ø Experience with participatory working methods and approaches for toolbox development


The length of the consultancy is of 20 days, starting on December 2nd and finishing by January 6th.

This consultancy is to be completed remotely

The consultant will work closely with the IHA specialists with regular meetings

5. Timeline

2nd December: kickoff meeting

9th December: presentation 1st draft of work

22nd December: presentation of 2nd draft of work

6th January: Final delivery

Individual meetings with relevant specialists may be organised as needed


Ø A report of the work will be submitted no later than a week after the final submission of the content


Within the framework of the service provision, the Consultant will be asked to collaborate with Humanity&Inclusion’s teams and in particular with Ms Mariana Martinez who will be the point of contact.

How to apply:

Please send you CV, financial proposal and cover letter (including 3 references for similar works) to Mariana Martinez: m.martinez@hi.org