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Hello! My name is Ryan, and I run the “SagaTheYoungin” Youtube Channel:


I am looking for a few Storyboard Artists to help come up with original scene ideas based upon a written script that I give you. 


This type of work is freelance, and I will have a slow but steady stream of storyboards over a long period of time. 


To Apply:  Please send your portfolio of storyboard and sketch drawings only to If you do not have any of this type of art in your portfolio, you can ask me to send you a test scene to complete instead.


Examples of the type of work I am looking for:

Note that this is an example of the general quality of drawings I am looking for, not necessarily reflective of the style. See videos on the YouTube channel for style references



  • Strong drawing skills with a demonstrated sense of storytelling, staging, composition, and character acting

  • Be comfortable with developing concepts and storyboards.

  • Able to translate the abstract to something solid

  • Knowledge of anatomy, perspective, and composition

  • Ability to explore ways of representing ideas in a visual form

  • Ability to create a visual storyline that can add a newer layer of life to the video/story

  • Proficient english reading and speaking skills



  • Ensure style of the channel is consistently achieved in storyboard work

  • Design/ illustrate concepts through sketches

  • Create storyboard sketches based on a completed script for a video

  • Story Artists translate an idea and turn it into visuals that convey all facets of the overall direction of the YouTube video, including emotion, humor, and action


Pay: I will be paying you based on word count and number of scenes I ask you to storyboard. The regular rate will be $30 USD for 16 storyboard sketches per 800 words. For example, if I send you a 400 word section of a script, I will expect 8 scenes skethced out for that and pay a rate of $15.

Most Scripts will be between 2000 and 4000 words, and I will be sending sections of the script to storyboard in 400-800 word sections.

A 4,000 word script will pay $150 to fully storyboard, and 2,000 word script $75. 




Procedures for Storyboarding:


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