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Organization: Business and Human Rights Resource Centre
Closing date: 27 Nov 2023

The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, an international non-profit organisation tracking the human rights impacts of over 10,000 companies in over 180 countries, is seeking a highly-motivated person to be its South Asia Researcher and Representative. The Researcher will lead the development and implementation of our strategy for the South Asia sub-region and will be part of our Global Team.


  • Location: South Asia, preferably in any of the following countries: India, Nepal, Bangladesh, or Sri Lanka (must already have work authorisation)
  • Fee: GBP 1,200 – 1,300 per month working 17.5 hours per week; amount determined by country in which appointed candidate is based
  • Contract Type: One-year consultancy contract, which can be extended by a mutual agreement.
  • Closing Date: 27 November 2023

The position:

The Researcher will work closely with organisations in South Asia to advance human rights in business and work towards eradicating abuse, with a particular emphasis on issues related to labour rights, natural resource extraction, and civic freedoms and human rights defenders when such issues touch on business activities.

The work will be aligned with the Resource Centre’s organisational aims of empowerment, accountability and transparency:

  • Empower others to act: Work with organisations (civil society and other sectors) in the sub-region to ensure that their priorities and concerns are heard by relevant actors at regional and international levels, and to share insights and expertise on human rights approaches to business.
  • Promote accountability: Invite companies operating in South Asia to respond publicly to specific concerns of alleged abuse and exploitation, and/or questions about their approach to human rights due diligence; also engage strategically with representatives of government and international financial institutions, and international agencies.
  • Build transparency: Collect and publicise via the Resource Centre’s website information in English and local languages from a wide range of sources about the human rights impacts of companies operating in South Asia.

The Researcher will also play an important role in helping the Resource Centre achieve organisational priorities in areas including deeper regionalisation of its work and approach, smart strategies regarding government and business, and enhanced communications efforts.

Specific activities include:

  • Participate in the development and implementation of strategies and priorities for the Resource Centre’s engagement in South Asia and lead the periodic review and identification of strategic priorities of the organisation in the sub-region.
  • Represent the Resource Centre in South Asia, meeting not only with civil society actors but also relevant representatives from business, government, international financial institutions, and international organisations.
  • Develop strong networks, communicate regularly with local civil society groups, and work with some of them in developing effective strategies for change in specific cases of abuse.
  • Develop a strong network of organisations working on business and human rights issues in South Asia and communicate regularly with local civil society groups, and work with them to develop effective strategies for change in specific cases of abuse, including undertaking missions and visits to hear directly from local NGOs and affected communities.
  • Conduct trainings and workshops on business and human rights for community and labour leaders alongside local partners, on topics such as documentation of abuse, international standards, and global supply chains.
  • Research and share materials on business and human rights with actors in the sub-region, in English and local languages – via the Resource Centre’s website, social media channels, and e-newsletters, and in external publications.
  • Invite companies to respond to specific allegations of misconduct raised by civil society (the Resource Centre to date has invited over 10,000 companies to respond to concerns, with a global response rate of around 75%)
  • Profile lawsuits under the Resource Centre’s corporate legal accountability programme and highlight key issues in the legal accountability bulletins.
  • Participate in regularly scheduled Global Team and Asia Team calls, as well as ad-hoc calls and meetings as needed.
  • Work with the Development Team to develop and draft proposals for new work and report on outcomes of ongoing work.

Key competencies and attributes:

  • Values: Strong, demonstrated commitment to human rights in the business sector. Shares values and ethos of the Resource Centre.
  • Human rights experience: 5+ years’ work in the field of human rights, labour rights, social justice, law and policy, or advocacy – including in South Asia.
  • Subject matter expertise: Knowledge and understanding of the business and human rights field in general, including standards and developments, and of the relevant South Asian context in particular.
  • Languages: Fluent in at least one South Asian language and excellent in English (reading, writing, and speaking).
  • Research & analytical skills: Able to search for and identify relevant information online and offline; persistent in seeking out difficult-to-find information; creative in identifying new sources of information.
  • Strategic insight: Able to identify new opportunities to increase the Resource Centre’s impact and role in South Asia.
  • Communications: Strong writing skills, including succinct writing for the web, and strong public speaking skills.
  • Representation skills: Able to foster productive, professional relationships with a broad range of contacts, including representatives of civil society, business and government.
  • Outreach and networking: Able to foster productive, professional relationships with a broad range of contacts, including activists, company representatives, and government officials.
  • Self-initiative and motivation: Able to take initiative and drive work forward independently within the agreed frameworks; motivated by achieving results.
  • Team-work: Able to operate effectively and constructively as part of a multicultural and diverse Global Team and ensure smooth communication despite geographical distances between team members.
  • Organisation and prioritisation: Strong organisational and prioritisation skills, enabling efficient and effective work.

How to apply

Complete and return this application form via our jobs portal. Kindly note that the application form is required; we will not accept CVs. If you need any additional support, please reach out to Giulia Vinzi at


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