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We are looking to contract a 3D Render Artist capable of demonstrating our company’s drone navigation services and technology. Skyway is a drone navigation service company focused on providing a scalable navigation infrastructure for delivery drones and eVTOLS within modern consumer services (

We are in need of a 3D artist to help create visuals for our new website, which we are currently designing. These materials will primarily consist of drones in flight over urban areas and vertiport planning models (which have an infrastructure similar to airports for drones and air taxis). We need high-scale artwork that is eye-catching, sleek, creative, and detailed, similar to the quality demonstrated in your portfolio.


  • 1 Architectural Building Design (custom 3D Model)
  • 1 Cityscape 3D World (can be open-source)
  • 3 Artistic Renders of the Scene 

Apply today and we will set up a meeting to discuss further details. Learn more about what we do by visiting our Linkedin and watching this video: 

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Whitney Harris

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