Short-Term Consultant: Humanitarian Donor Regulation Advisor

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Organization: Internews Network
Closing date: 13 May 2021


Internews is seeking a short-term consultant to support our efforts in assessing certain humanitarian donor requirements. The humanitarian donors this consultant is expected to evaluate are: WHO; UNHCR; UICEF; UNDP; UFPA; ICSP; and IOM. Internews is interested in pursuing more funds from these donors, but needs to assess potential gaps in its current systems, processes, and capacity before pursuing funding.


This is a remote-first, short-term consultancy. We anticipate that the Scope will require approximately 10 working days to complete. Candidates based anywhere in the United States will be considered.


In order to conduct this assessment, Internews needs the short-term consultant to compile a report that explains each donor’s requirements and how other implementers comply with these requirements. Internews has already identified key areas in which these funder requirements differ from the US Government Rules and Regulations that it would like to better understand. The areas identified are:

  • Financial Reporting Requirements
  • Auditing Requirements
  • Flexibility/inflexibility in program implementation delivery timelines
  • Indirect/NICRA rate cost recovery
  • HQ staff cost recovery
  • Pre-award due diligence process
  • Asset disposition and asset threshold

Internews would also like the consultant to highlight any other areas not already identified above in which these funders may differ from the US Government.


  • Report that outlines each funder’s requirement by area listed above and any others identified by the consultant, accompanied by suggestions on systems or processes that other implementers utilize to comply with these requirements.


  • 7-15 years of experience with financial, grant, and/or audit management of WHO, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNDP, UFPA, ICSP, and IOM funded projects
  • Experience working with midsize NGOs
  • Familiarity with USAID- or USDOS-funded project requirements
  • English proficiency

How to apply:

To apply, please submit CV and optionally a cover letter via our Careers page.


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