RFP – T24 Upgrade Program / Implementation at 3 VisionFund International Entities

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Organization: World Vision
Closing date: 30 Jun 2023

World Vision International (WVI) is a Global Development Organization with a presence in over 100 countries.
WVI World Vision”) invites your organization to submit a proposal against RFP – T24 UPGRADE PROGRAM / IMPLEMENTATION AT 3 VISIONFUND INTERNATIONAL ENTITIES.

Vision Fund (VFI) as an affiliate to WVI requires the upgrade of R10(VisionFund Tanzania) and R12 (VisionFund Ghana and Zambia) to the chosen version of T24, with custom requirements minimized, and with as much adaption to new T24 functionalities in MFIs current operational areas as possible. It is VFI‟s intent to select a vendor who will demonstrate solid experience in implementing the latest versions of Temenos FIA. The vendor should have a minimum of two global assessments & implementation experience of FIA that are referenceable and at least two reference sites..

Goals and Objectives
  1. Advise VFI on the optimal T24 version Temenos FIA to upgrade to for MFIs.
  2. Develop a detailed comprehensive project plan indicating Key milestones and tasks required for the successful completion of the program.
  3. Perform process-led workshop on the new features and functionalities.
  4. Facilitate business requirements gathering and ensure these are addressed during the upgrade process.
  5. Execute all required processes to facilitate and ensure the optimal performance of the T24 upgrade program. This will include but not limited to data migration, quality assurance and timely execution of the project.
  6. Analyze local codes and optimize them for the Temenos FIA.
  7. Determine which local codes are required in FIA and migrate such.
  8. Undertake back to core analysis and where possible replace custom codes with core features
  9. Support MFI team create test cases, test data, execute the tests and provide test reporting covering SIT and UAT.
  10. Develop training requirements & deliver training to all the relevant users e.g User, administrator, developer, operator etc.
  11. Provide technical and end user documentation.
  12. Perform post live support.

The company competency should be proved by :

  1. Provide evidence of experience through recommendation letters from institutions where assignments of similar nature have been carried out.
  2. Demonstrate the professional experience of the team leader by providing evidence using detailed CV and relevant Professional certificates for the team leader.
  3. Adequacy of resources assigned to this project with relevant experience (Provide evidence using CV and relevant Professional certificates).
  4. The Supplier must represent and warrants that it is entitled to respond to this RFP by way of a valid current service partnership agreement with Temenos and the fact that the supplier maintains on her employment consultants at least twenty (20) consultants that have completed TLC exams in the products.
  5. Comply with relevant regulations and standards.

The evaluation will be based on:

  1. Relevant experience supporting T24 Core Banking System (30%): This metric will assess the vendor’s experience and track record in providing support for T24 Core Banking System. The vendor’s experience in implementing and supporting the system will be evaluated.
  2. Qualifications and experience of the proposed team (20%): This metric will evaluate the proposed team’s qualifications and experience in supporting T24 Core Banking System by reviewing the relevant accreditations and certifications. The team’s expertise in relevant areas such as system maintenance, architecture, database management, and system integration will be evaluated.
  3. Proposed approach to supporting the system (25%): This metric will evaluate the vendor’s proposed approach to supporting the system. The vendor’s methodology, tools, and processes for providing support will be evaluated.
  4. Cost-effectiveness of the proposal (20%): This metric will evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the vendor’s proposal. The vendor’s pricing structure and proposed budget will be evaluated.
  5. Quality of references (5%): This metric will evaluate the quality of the vendor’s references from other clients who have used their services for T24 Core Banking System support.

For expressing interest to participate please send to asma_alzarieni@wvi.org and before the end of the 31st of May 2023 LA time.

The deadline for submitting the proposal is the end of 30th of June 2023 LA time

How to apply

For expressing interest to participate please send to asma_alzarieni@wvi.org and before the end of the 31st of May 2023 LA time.

The deadline for submitting the proposal is the end of 30th of June 2023 LA time


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