REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: Professional services of a Graphic Designer

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Organization: International Treatment Preparedness Coalition
Closing date: 6 May 2022


ITPC Global is seeking to contract the professional services of a graphic designer to conceptualise, design, produce and finalise a slide deck explaining how the immune system works in the contet of COVID-19; a description of how each type of COVID-19 vaccine works (mRNA, viral vector, protein-based,


The International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC Global) is a worldwide network of community activists united by our vision of a longer, healthier, more productive life for people living with HIV and/or AIDS. More information is available at


Deadline for applications: May 6, 2022

Contract Start Date: May 11, 2022

Contract End Date: July 15, 2022 Project Cap:


This section identifies the goods and/or services that the Graphic Designer will be engaged to deliver.

The graphic designer will be required to:

Collaborate with Tracy Swan on design of a slide deck

a. PDF version

  • Pages to be viewed on screen only (no print).

  • Designer to present visual concepts aligned with publication title, theme, and contents; develop design, paginate and full layout

  • Related deliverables:

o images and/or animations for the ITPC website landing, slider, Who We Are page and Our Voices page, based on AR cover design

o images and or animations for ITPC Facebook and other social media

b. Presentation version

  • Designer to present concept, develop design, deliver presentation in PowerPoint format.


This section identifies the professional experience, standards, ability and knowledge that the Graphic Designer should possess.

• Professional experience in concept, theme and story development is required.

• Demonstrated high standard in graphic design is required.

• Ability to produce deliverables within accelerated timeframes is essential.

• Familiarity with HIV treatment education and public health issues is an asset.


This section identifies the proposed deadline for each project milestone.

  1. Project kickoff – May 11

  2. Develop concept, visual language and project graphics – By May 14

  3. Share first draft – May 22

  4. First round edits – May 28

  5. Second round edits – June 6

  6. Final approval – June 10

  7. File delivery and acceptance – July 1


At this stage, we want you to tell us about your overall approach to this project, specifically in terms of:

  • time (estimated total billable hours)
  • rate (daily or hourly).

How to apply:

Please submit project proposal and cost estimate to:

We would prefer that your cost estimate be submitted using US Dollar currency.



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