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Organization: Oxfam
Closing date: 21 Nov 2022

1. Introduction and Background

The overall global presence review and the changing country presence across Oxfam begun in April 2020. It sets out the redefining of Oxfam’s presence in Africa, its influencing capacity and potential impact, and how Oxfam is changing in response not just to internal drivers to produce more efficiencies but also to a changing African geopolitical external context. By working more deliberately and closely with a diverse range of partners, Oxfam in Africa seeks to respond to the calls to be a more legitimate, credible and trustworthy partner and ally, purposefully embedding feminist principles in and decolonising its delivery structures, practices, ways of working and relationships. The opportunity presented by the COVID-19 pandemic to re-think and co-create beyond traditional geopolitical and linguistic borders, and the potential to capitalise on the digital transformation, coupled with Oxfam’s own ambitious 2030 Global Strategic Framework, have incentivised Oxfam in Africa to make a bold proposition on how it will work above country level. Instead of the current set up of two (2) Africa regional platforms, and the Pan Africa Programme, we seek to move to one overall management structure, the Africa Platform headed by an Africa Director and two (2) Deputies, working with a senior management team. A collective and distributive leadership model will be adopted, comprising of the leadership of the Africa Platform working together with country directors in Oxfam country programmes, the SAF cluster director, and the Executive Director of OZA (and other affiliates in the future).

It is envisaged that the Oxfam in Africa organisation will be up and running by April 2023. A new organisation structure has been approved and communicated to staff. A human resources transition plan is expected to be issued soon. The human resources transition plan will detail the impacts of the structure on individual staff positions, how staff will be selected for available positions, and how any resultant redundancies will be managed. It is expected that by 31st December 2022, all staff will be aware of the implications of the new structure on their respective positions.

In anticipation of the potential impacts, Oxfam exercising a duty of care by ensuring that staff are supported to make career choices, prepare, and compete for opportunities arising in the new structure, source for and compete for out-placement opportunities, and are given psychosocial support and care.

To achieve to above we invite bids from suitably qualified consultants/firms of consultants to provide services under the following workstreams:

2. Consultancy Work Streams

Workstream 01: Career Coaching Services

Under this workstream, the consultant will work with the HECA Regional Platform HR Business Partner to facilitate delivery of the following tasks:

  1. Help participants to reflect on their career paths.
  2. Help participants identify and pursue new career options or renew existing career paths.
  3. Identify what type of support they need at individual level.
  4. Facilitate staff to express any concerns and anxieties they may have so that management and staff can resolve these jointly.
  5. Based on identified needs, develop individual action plans.
  6. Provide individual coaching using a personalised approach.
  7. In a supportive atmosphere, helps the staff to attain the professional and personal growth they are striving for.

Workstream 02: Outplacement Services

Outplacement services will include the following activities:

  1. Provide career transition services to help separated employees find new jobs faster.
  2. Offer very practical job-hunting advice, for example putting together a CV, preparing for interviews and networking tips.
  3. Training on and guidance on job-search.
  4. Outplacement firms help develop resumes and cover letters and even apply for jobs for individuals.
  5. Developing cover letters and curriculum vitae (CVs).
  6. Setting up or revising LinkedIn accounts.
  7. Mock interviews.
  8. Provide job leads and follow-up plans.

Workstream 03: Counselling Services

Counselling services will include:

  1. Provide individual counselling and psycho-social support to both separated and retained staff to enable them cope with the impacts of transition and minimise trauma, life crisis, and loss occasioned by job loss or job change.
  2. Provide coping and self-management techniques.
  3. Develop and implement specific programmes for those who face more challenging redundancy situations.
  4. Mitigate psychological aspects of redundancy to enable staff remain positive during your job search and maintain self-esteem.

3. Consultant’s Profile
  1. The prospective consultant or consultant firm should have at least 5 years’ experience in delivery of the relevant workstream.
  2. Should have certification in the relevant workstream.
  3. Must demonstrate a track record of independent working, good coordination & networking and impeccable writing, and strong interpersonal skills.

4. Duration
  1. The short-term consultancy is expected to run between Dec 2022 – March 2023
  2. Details of the activity plan and durations will be developed by the consultant in consultation with the Team leader.

5. Invitation for Expression of Interest

Oxfam in HECA is inviting expressions of interest from suitably qualified companies/consultants to carry each or a combination of workstreams.

Your proposal should contain:

  • Names and CV/s (as an annex, maximum 3 pages of A4 each, tailored to the Consultancy) of key individual/s proposed, together with details of proposed team structure, including clear roles and responsibilities of key team member(s)
  • Summary of experience in similar assignments demonstrated by providing links of relevant work. In case of information sensitivity, the consultant is free to provide mock-ups/pdf of previous work done as opposed to links.
  • A description of your understanding of the objectives of the Consultancy and role of the Consultant as outlined in these Terms of Reference.
  • A description of how you intend to fulfil the Services within the suggested timeline.
  • A financial professional fees and reimbursable expenses, including daily fee rates for each consultant proposed.
  • The number of eligible staff is twenty-six (26) , however the numbers requiring each workstream will vary. You should therefore provide and hourly rate and a number of hours it will take to complete a full cycle of engagement.

6. Basis of award

Oxfam in HECA will award a contract to the most economically advantageous tender based on the following criteria:

Assessment criteria

Weighting (%)

Relevant, demonstrated experience and capacity of individuals to be involved in this assignment


Understanding/interpretation of the task set out in the TORs and quality of proposal

Proposals must:

  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of the terms of reference
  • Contain details of an appropriate work plan to guide the assignment


Fee basis and total costs




7. Contact

Questions or comments in respect to these terms of reference should be directed to the procurement team:

How to apply

Your proposal, which should not exceed five pages in length (excluding annexes), should be sent by email to under the subject line ‘PROVISION OF EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE SERVICES ‘ AND INDICATING WORKSTREAM(S) IN BRACKETS no later than 21st November , 2022



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