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Organization: Peace Brigades International
Closing date: 4 Feb 2022

About PBI

Peace Brigades International (PBI) is an international grassroots NGO that has promoted nonviolence and protected human rights since 1981. PBI uses its international presence and global networks to protect, support and enable the work of human right defenders and local activists for peaceful social change. Our signature approach is international protective accompaniment. Besides this we support local actors in other ways as well, including through workshops, publications, international speaking tours, information-sharing, networking, contact-building, and other creative approaches developed by PBI’s field projects and a grassroots base of 16 country groups around the world.

For 35 years, we have protected the lives of hundreds of activists, proving that the combination of accompaniment and international pressure deters violence and creates space for local activists to work for peace and human rights.

We are nonpartisan and do not interfere in the affairs of those we accompany, because we believe that a lasting peace cannot be imposed from outside but must come from the desires of local people. PBI’s website, contains more information.

PBI’s 2012-2017 global strategic plan recognizes the importance of expanding the reach of our work to protect and support human rights defenders, and the need for a broad presence in different regions or continents that will help raise PBI’s global profile and thus our overall capacity to protect. Asia and Africa are specifically named as areas for geographic expansion.

Indonesia Project

PBI works in partnership with ELSAM (Lembaga Studi dan Advokasi Masyarakat) for sustainable peacebuilding and the protection of Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) in Indonesia. Our work currently includes a program to build bridges between communities to reduce conflict, and capacity building support to environmental and grassroots HRDs to mitigate the security challenges of their work. The project is based in ELSAM’s office in Jakarta.

Project Committee

The Project Committee provides governance oversight to the project. This includes responsibility for the project’s legal, financial and personnel issues, as well as strategic decisions. These are the tasks that PBI’s International Committee (IC) has delegated to all Project Committees in support of their respective field projects, though the IC has ultimate responsibility to see that tasks have been carried out.

Project Committee Responsibilities

  1. Project Management: Support PBI project staff (currently 2) as required to implement the HRD capacity building program; participate in monthly progress meetings via skype

  2. Partnership Building: Communicate regularly (minimum twice yearly) with ELSAM to ensure

coordination and successful project implementation; support networking with other relevant


  1. Human Resources Management: Recruit, engage, train, deploy and supervise field staff; ensure HR procedures are followed with relevant partners (PBI-Germany, Bread for the World, etc.); ensure contract preparation and renewal; ensure appropriate visas are obtained and renewed; support logistics for deployment and return as required

  2. Financial Governance and Fundraising Responsibilities: Submit budgets annually for approval by the IC and monitor their implementation; support Project Coordinator with budget preparation and financial reporting as required; liaise with PBI Germany and International Office for funds transfer as required; approve field expenses; support development of budgets for new proposals; ensure development of fundraising proposals and coordination of fundraising with PBI country groups

  3. Legal Oversight: Ensure the project acts in compliance with the laws of the country in which the project is operating including legal registration and tax obligations; Report to PBI’s global

governance structure (IOC and IC) any serious potential risks to the personnel, integrity or

reputation of PBI

  1. Strategic Guidance: Develop and ensure implementation of strategies and action plans that are in line with strategic directions and priorities of PBI’s Global Strategic Plan and General

Assembly; Oversee planning and implementation of triennial external evaluation of the IP

  1. International Level Work: Nomination of up to three representatives to the General Assembly; Participation encouraged in PBI Working Groups.

Composition of Project Committee

Minimal 4 experienced persons drawn from ex-PBI project volunteers, other organs of PBI, and external experts on Indonesia, conflict reduction, capacity building programs and NGO governance. Currently the PC is composed of 5 individuals plus three field staff.

Requirements of Project Committee Members

We are seeking to recruit 1-2 new Committee Members with skills and experience particularly in program development, finance, fundraising and budget oversight. Experience in the area of Environmental Human Rights Defenders would be an asset.

All committee members should demonstrate the following:

• Political awareness and familiarity with global issues relating to peace and human rights

• Skills and experience in the governance and management of NGOs.

• A sound understanding of strategic planning

• Commit at least four hours a week to the work of the Project Committee, take part in monthly meetings by conference call and one Face-to-Face meeting in Indonesia annually

• Ability to serve on the Project Committee for a minimum of 18 months

• Commitment to and understanding PBI’s principles, mandate and methods.

• Fluency in English, the working language of the Project

• Commitment to work in a consensus decision-making structure.

Desirable skills, knowledge and experience:

• Previous experience with a PBI field project or country group.

• Knowledge of the political and human rights situation in Indonesia.

• Knowledge of environmental human rights defenders.

• Indonesian or Spanish language skills.

• Previous experience of serving on a governance committee or board.

• Previous experience with capacity building or training projects.


What you will get out of being a member of the Indonesia Project Committee?

• Skills and experience in the governance and management of an international human rights organization

• An opportunity to contribute to the strategic direction of PBI’s work in Indonesia thereby contributing to the support and protection of human rights defenders

• The experience of working with a highly committed group of people dedicated to putting into practice the protection of human rights and promotion of nonviolence


This is an unpaid, voluntary position. All reasonable communication, travel and other costs incurred while carrying out project committee work will be covered by PBI.

How to apply:

Please send your CV and a brief personal statement (see below), to by February 4, 2022.

Please explain your motivation, as well as your skills and experience in program development, finance, fundraising, and budget oversight and the other criteria mentioned above, providing clear examples that demonstrate how you meet the criteria.