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I am in search of a motivated, accountable, experienced Post Production Video Editor for my portfolio. I am simply getting too busy and don’t have the time to edit projects and film at within the requested due dates from clients. The freelancer or agency (you) must have a proven track record of your previous work of video editing, and or editing real estate/vehicle promotional videos or business *hype* videos.

Here’s the requirements;

-Must be editing on Premiere Pro*
-Proficiency in Premiere Pro (recommended), Adobe After Effects or Final Cut Pro.
-Proficiency in motion graphics for int/ex of video (Logos, object tracking, and lower thirds). This can be a preset, I’m aware of the ones out there. What I can do is give you the current .MOGT file we’re using right know to keep the previous and future videos consistent.
-Ability to add stunning SFX and appropriate music
-Ability to add captions upon voiceovers
-Ability to Colour Grade properly & sequence the video accordingly. Mostly shot in S-Log3.
-Ability to add 3D text (After Effects) for smaller budget videos without a voiceover.
-Proficiency in speed ramping and adding unique edits to the clips.
-Proven track record of previous projects you’ve worked on so I can review your editing style.
-Ability to script voiceovers and outsource appropriate vocals.
-Efficiency in getting the work completed on-time.
-Fluent English, with effective response time.
-Accountable and must meet due dates.

Depending on the project budget, videos will be between 30, 60 and 120 seconds long.

If you are located in Europe, I would like to have the footage edited and uploaded by you within 24-hours (if requested), and you will be compensated for rush deliveries.

A link to what kind of videos and the style of editing I am looking for can be found in the attached links. I am looking for exactly this style and professionalism in ensuring each video  is seamless.

Thank you for everyone applying, applicants who do not include previous work will not be contacted.

We’ve attached a sample video of the quality of edit we are looking for. Compensation will be increased depending on the talent and capability.

If you know your work is not up to standards, DO NOT APPLY.

*Applicants/Agencies only accepted in; North America, South America, UK, Australia, and Europe.

Sample Videos:

Source: Behance JobList