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Organization: BBC Media Action
Closing date: 26 Jul 2022

Context: BBC Media Action, the BBC’s international development organisation, uses the power of media and communication to inform, connect and empower people around the world, helping them to shape their own lives. Working with broadcasters, governments, other organisations and donors, BBC Media Action provides information and stimulates positive change in the areas of governance, health, and resilience and humanitarian response. Our work in North Africa covers Tunisia, Algeria, and Libya, with our office based in Tunis. Current projects include capacity building of media practitioners and communicators in several themes. And training unit delivers several training and capacity building activities to support its projects in North Africa for 2022/2023 and sustain their impacts. Call for Trainers: BBC Media Action is seeking to hire a pool of trainers who are available on an ad hoc basis to support training and capacity building activities throughout North Africa. They will be expected to work closely with the BBC Media Action team under the supervision of the senior training manager, as well as with other trainers, mentors, and/or facilitators. The role of the trainer will be to  Prepare and ensure the smooth delivery of planned training workshops. Either classroombased, on-the-job training, or remote training. including the adaptation of the training content to fit the targeted group.  Prepare and conduct a mentorship support for trainees in the time of production. (After the training workshops)  Write training reports which include description and the extent to which it achieves objectives.  Trainers are also expected to undergo ad hoc trainings in core BBC Media Action trainings such as Media for Development. In addition to training of trainer workshops that run by Media Action team.  Participate in the process of evaluation and continuous improvement of the approach, as well as in debriefing sessions with the projects team  Coordinate with the teams in charge of the logistics of the workshops Contractual arrangement: The hired trainer will have a framework contract for tow-year renewable with a maximum number of 100 workdays. The experts’ services will be commissioned on an ad-hoc basis. Required skills, knowledge, and experience: Trainers applying for this call will need to:  Have previous experience (At least 5-year experience) in delivering training classroom-based or on-the-job training and mentorship; on one or more of the training topics (listed below).  Have previous experience (At least 3-year experience) in delivering training and mentorship remotely via Skype, Zoom, Teams etc, 1:1 or in groups.  Have previous experience (At least 5-year experience) in media production, as journalist, producer, or content creator.  Have fluent Arabic with good communication skills in English or French.  Have a strong understanding of BBC’s editorial guidelines.  Be willing to travel to North Africa countries. Preferred skills, knowledge, and experience:  Previous experience in designing classroom-based training or on-the-job training.  Previous experience in delivering training for non-Journalist (CSOs and NGOs).  Previous experience in designing and writing remote/online training content  Previous experience of working in North Africa. And understand the local context and current affairs in the region  Great understanding of Media for Development The training topics:  Producing multimedia content for online media and social media  Producing audio content (podcast)  Producing content on climate change and related topics  Producing content on gender topics and gender-based violence  Producing content for development topics (C4D & M4D)  Producing content using smart phones (Mobile Journalism)  Covering election and related topics  Reporting on refugee and migration topics  Delivering Storytelling workshops for journalists  Delivering Media Literacy workshops for Non-Journalists (CSOs and NGOs)  Delivering Scriptwriting workshops for Audio-visual Journalist. About the Company We are committed to equality of opportunity and welcome applications from individuals, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, socio-economic background, religion and/or belief. We will consider flexible working requests for all roles, unless operational requirements prevent otherwise.

How to apply

If you are interested, please fill your application here:  English: https://bbcmediaaction.formstack.com/forms/trainer_facilitator_application  Arabic: https://bbcmediaaction.formstack.com/forms/trainer_facilitator_application_copy



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