PAH Announces Tender for “Localization Study”

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Organization: Polish Humanitarian Action – Polska Akcja Humanitarna
Closing date: 18 Sep 2023

Polish Humanitarian Action informs of its plans to conclude a contract for the execution of research documentation named “Localization Study”, aiming to analyse and inform how the international humanitarian support in Poland is being implemented with L/NNGOs and CSOs, in relation to the Grand Bargain Localization Commitments. The study has been initiated by the Polish NGO Forum “Razem”.


Over the last year Poland has become the site of international humanitarian response to the Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The encounter of the international systems, contextual nuance and local practice has provoked discussions on how the localization commitments of the humanitarian sector are being carried out in Poland and if they are meeting the expectations of the L/NNGOs and CSOs as well as donors, UN agencies and INGOs. These discussions play into a bigger conversation around localization of humanitarian aid. Since the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul, localization has become a vital part of the mainstream humanitarian reform agenda. Recognizing, respecting, and strengthening the independence of the local/national actors is a course of action agreed on by humanitarian actors through a series of commitments, with the goal being to better address the needs of the affected populations and ensure their participation in the decision-making processes. Localization remains at heart of the humanitarian reform discussion, together with “quality funding” being named the enabling priorities of the Grand Bargain 2.0 Framework. While progress has been noted, the significant barriers identified were identified as well, together with the necessity of better tracking mechanisms and higher participatory involvement of the local actors needed.


The NGO Forum “Razem” Localization Study – working title “Grand Bargain Commitments (Poland Case Study)” – aims to analyze and inform how the international humanitarian support in Poland is being implemented with L/NNGOs and CSOs, in relation to the Grand Bargain Localization Commitments, in particular Core Commitments 2.1: multi-year investments in the institutional capacities of local and national responders and 2.4: funding for local actors as directly as possible, and Commitment 2.3: local/national actors in coordination structures. This understanding will inform the local and regional strategies and allow evidence-based decision-making for the progress of the localization agenda in the European context, as well as input lessons coming from the Polish experience into the global conversation by identification of current gaps and challenges in the implementation of the Grand Bargain Localisation Commitments and the development of concrete and viable solutions to improve the localized and sustainable responses.

Initiative Partners and Background:

The study will be conducted thanks to support of the Financing Partners: CARE, NRC, Oxfam and Contributing Partners: Plan International, Save the Children, as well as the commitment of the Study’s Operator: PAH. This joint effort was initiated inside the Polish NGO Forum “Razem”, and should be understood as an output of its Partnership Working Group.

Minimum Requirements for the Research Team:

· The Research Team composition includes the required experience and contextual understanding for the Localization Study ToR.

· Research Team is expected to conduct interviews and consult literature in Polish and English.

· Research Team has necessary tools and capacity to conduct the research on a given timeline.

· Research Team demonstrates a clear understanding of the Third Sector dynamics in Poland.

· Research Team demonstrates an awareness of the tools and frameworks for measuring performance against Grand Bargain Commitments and is up to date with the GB evolution, including directions of Grand Bargain 3.0.

· Research Team demonstrates an awareness of the dynamics surrounding the localization debate and is aware different approaches to localization.

Expected Timeframe:

Undertaking of the project: October 2023

Delivery of the final deliverables: January 2024

How to apply

Tender Information and Inquiries:

All the documentation regarding the tender can be found here:

For any inquiries regarding the documentation and the application process, please contact directly:

Bids Submission:

The bids of interested companies should be submitted at e-mail address: or in a secured and closed envelope at the office of PAH Regional Office in Poland, 60 Dzielna St., 01-029 Warsaw with the note “Offer – Tender No. PAH/PL/Tender/2023/5” until September 18, 2023 at 4:00 pm (Warsaw time).


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