NORCAP tender: Donor Mapping for NORCAP Strategy 2022-2025

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Organization: Norwegian Refugee Council
Closing date: 3 Aug 2022

NORCAP is seeking a consultant to conduct a comprehensive donor scoping exercise with a view to identify and secure new funding streams to operationalise the NORCAP Strategy 2022-2025.

The Strategy outlines NORCAP’s main ambitions and strategic direction for the coming four-year period, where NORCAP will focus on the following five key strategic objectives:

SO1: Invest in local and national capacity and enhance participation of people at risk.

SO2: Protect people in crisis and conflict

SO3: Promote climate action and sustainable responses

SO4: Improve effectiveness of multilateral institutions and responses

SO5: Promote a renewed commitment to democracy and human rights

The consultant will lead the donor mapping process with a view to:

  1. Identify new funding opportunities for NORCAP’s work related to i) nexus settings, ii) on long term development, and iii) (relevant) new ways of working in crises, to be done after a brief review of existing donor mappings to develop an understanding of opportunities that have already been identified by NORCAP
  2. Identify donors and funding opportunities for NORCAP’s existing and planned initiatives under specified thematic areas, in particular our identified Investment and Explorative areas
  3. Recommend follow-up actions including Programme funding recommendations for NORCAP

Scope of work

The assignment will run for approximately 30 days (over a period of 2 months) and focus on the following:

  1. Review the NORCAP Strategy 2022-2025 and NORCAP Strategy analysis report (October 2021). Briefly revisit pre-existing donor mappings done by NORCAP as deemed relevant to this assignment (on Education, Youth, Gender, GBV and PSEA, Social Protection (under Cash & Markets) and Lake Chad Localisation and Capacity Building Project).

A brief identification of donor priorities mapped against NORCAP’s strategic objectives related to:

  1. working in nexus
  2. working on long-term development,
  3. new approaches to crises response such as through project/programme approaches/structure and new ways of working in crises with UN partners.

The relevant funding streams and staff/section(s) to connect with should be identified per donor. This component should also include an assessment of how well NORCAP’s programmes and approach fit with these funding opportunities.

  1. A comprehensive donor mapping exercise that explores both grants and commercial opportunities among NORCAP’s traditional donor baseas well as opportunities from less traditional sources – such as corporations, foundations, impact investors, private sector actors and potential high net-worth individuals. This detailed analysis of donor architecture (looking at national, regional and global levels) should identify various new streams of funding and donors who could be influenced to consider supporting NORCAP’s work:
    1. in investment areas(protection, climate, energy, localisation),
    2. in explorative areas (areas to be agreed upon at the start of the consultancy)
    3. and facilitate NORCAP to tap into global funds

(The specific areas will be agreed up on at the start of the consultancy)

  1. Propose a donor engagement plan for NORCAP for the next 3 years

Experience and qualifications required:

  • Demonstrated experience in fundraising, resource mobilisation and donor engagement
  • Demonstrated experience in conducting donor mappings
  • Documented experience from working with donors in an international context especially major donors, private foundations, bi-lateral and multi-lateral donors, UN agencies, trusts and other institutional donors
  • Experience in planning funding initiatives, development of resource mobilisation strategies and implementation of such strategies
  • Demonstrated skills and experience in report writing
  • Fluency in written and spoken English
  • Knowledge of the humanitarian and development aid sectors and understanding of the unique political challenges involved in fundraising for this work

Deadline for application: deadline 03.08.2022 (23:59 UTC+2)

How to apply

For more details and application procedure, please see the full Terms of Reference at this link:

Consultants who are suitably qualified and interested in this tender should submit bids to norcap.bids@nrc.nobefore the closing deadline 03.08.2022 (23:59 UTC+2) with any relevant supporting documentation. Questions or comments may be submitted with bids and will be considered and/or followed up by NORCAP during the award consideration phase. All bids are expected to include:

  • Quote
  • Justification of how the bidder meets or exceeds the required qualifications
  • Examples of related previous work
  • 2-3 client references which NORCAP could contact



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