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Xeros licenses technologies that offer sustainable solutions for the production and aftercare of clothing. We are looking for a freelance motion graphic designer or 3D animator to create 2 x short (<1minute) films that show how some of the technology works. 

1. XFiltra, an internal filter for washing machines that captures microfibres from your clothes to stop them polluting the ocean.

2. XTend A technology that that uses pea size nylon balls in your washing machine to reduce your water and energy consumption. 

You will be working remotly directly with the marketing team and need to be available within the next few days. We have CAD designs and some renders as a starting point.  

About Us

With 38 patent families, our revolutionary technologies XTend? and XFiltra? set new standards for performance and sustainability throughout our clothing’s lifecycle. By reducing the consumption of valuable natural resources and preventing microfibre and microplastic pollution we can greatly reduce the impact of our clothes on the planet.

Backed by science we set new standards for significantly reduced water consumption, lower carbon and effluent emissions, and improved garment care at the manufacturing stage and throughout laundry processes, in industry, and in the home. Our technologies deliver a unique combination of unbeatable sustainability outcomes, improved performance, and reduced costs. 

The manufacture of clothes and their subsequent care consumes vast amounts of valuable resources. Xeros licenses new technologies to enable us all to consume less, helping to protect the world for our future. 


Source: Behance JobList