Monitoring and Evaluation Capacity Strengthening Consultancy

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Organization: Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network
Closing date: 10 Dec 2021


The Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network (APRRN) is a network of over 200 active civil society organisations and individuals from 28 countries, committed to advancing the rights of refugees in the Asia Pacific. APRRN aims to advance such rights through joint advocacy, capacity strengthening, resource sharing, and outreach. APRRN advances the refugee rights movement by bringing together actors; amplifying disadvantaged voices; exchanging good practices; providing skills, tools, and resources to national members to position them to respond to protection challenges; providing refugees with a platform to advocate for their own rights; and taking an inclusive, multi-stakeholder approach to advocacy. APRRN members are diverse, including service providers, human rights advocacy groups, research institutions, law firms providing pro-bono legal aid, refugee community-based organisations, and refugees. Almost all APRRN members are civil society groups working in their local contexts, effectively responding to needs on the ground, lobbying their governments for changes in policies and legislation to protect the rights of refugees. APRRN’s Secretariat is based in Bangkok, Thailand.


In September 2021, APRRN presented members and Secretariat staff with four possibilities for how to strengthen the monitoring and evaluation or communications of the network, under the broad goal of improving governance. These options were: (1) external network evaluation, assessing progress against indicators set out in the strategic plan; (2) monitoring and evaluation capacity building; (3) communications; and (4) other. APRRN requested members select a maximum of two options they saw as adding the most value to the network. Upon conclusion of the survey, the majority of APRRN members and Secretariat staff selected two preferred options – option 2: monitoring and evaluation capacity building; and option 3: strengthening external communications.

Purpose of the consultancy

APRRN is working to ensure the Secretariat’s coordination and oversight role maintains effective, high quality and relevant, all of which can be assessed and strengthened through network-wide monitoring and evaluation procedures. Monitoring and evaluation will help APRRN to achieve our goal to the greatest extent: advancing refugee rights. By understanding the extent to which we are achieving our goals, and pinpoint where we might be going wrong, we strive to magnify the reach, impact and effectiveness of the network and thereby our advocacy footprint.

APRRN was established by representatives of 70 civil society organisations from 14 countries who determined the necessity of establishing a coordinating entity to convene collaborative action and thus advance refugee rights across the region. Through M&E, APRRN also therefore seeks to ensure the network maintains relevance and effectiveness within coordinating and directing the regional civil society response to advancing refugee rights.

Therefore, APRRN seeks to contract an expert M&E consultant with the objective of improving the monitoring, evaluation and learning capacity of APRRN members and the Secretariat, including on conducting baselines, establishing clear results frameworks, monitoring and evaluating working group action plans, and measuring qualitative and quantitative impact. The goal is to ensure that APRRN as a network has the M&E tools necessary to achieving the maximum impact in the most efficient approach, attaining strategic network objectives and effectively reaching and empowering the refugees of which we seek to benefit.

Proposed scope of work and deliverables

We envisage that the M&E consultant will:

  1. Develop a needs assessment, to establish M&E gaps, strengths and growth areas.

  2. Deliver monitoring, evaluation, and learning workshops for members and Secretariat staff, including a session on monitoring and evaluating Working Group action plans.

  3. Develop a monitoring, evaluation, and learning strategy and results framework for Secretariat staff and members to monitor and evaluate future working group action plans and projects.


Deliverable based, over a maximum 4 month period: 4 January 2022 – 4 May 2022

Available funding: The consultant will receive 10,000 EUR (approximately 11,624 USD) total, transferred on a deliverable and/or invoice basis. Total working costs (e.g., social security, internet, laptop etc) are to be covered by the consultant.

Essential knowledge, skills and experience

  1. A master’s degree in social science (M&E, Sociology, Development Studies) or a bachelor’s degree with at least 5 years of relevant professional experience in monitoring and evaluation.

  2. Demonstrated experience in designing and implementing quantitative and qualitative data collection, analysis, and project evaluation, ideally with network-based organisations.

  3. Demonstrated experience in designing and implementing trainings on M&E.

Assessment of consultant proposal

  1. Experience and expertise (60%)

  2. Price and relevance of the technical offer to the TOR / deliverables (40%)

How to apply:

Interested candidates are required to apply before 10 December 2021 at the following email address:, indicating in the subject “Monitoring and evaluation capacity building consultancy application”.

The application must include:

  • A brief cover letter and CV.
  • A narrative proposal including workshop and strategy content, methodology and time schedule. This proposal should also outline the deliverables and tasks, and expected number of days each task will take.
  • A financial proposal, including the consultant’s fee per day.

Applications that do not include the above will be considered administratively non-compliant and

will not be evaluated further.