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Hello! My name is Ryan and I run the “SagaTheYoungin” YouTube Channel (

This is a freelance job, and I will have a steady stream of scenes over a long period of time.

To apply: Please send examples of line art scenes you have done to, with subject “Line Artist”. The scenes should be similar to the examples below so I can gauge how well of a fit you’ll be with the channel. If you don’t have any scenes, please email me, and I will send you a test scene to complete.

Please review the examples below to see if you would be a good match for this job. Please also look at the channel for style reference.

Examples of what I am looking for:


$15 USD per line art scene


  • Can deliver a clean-line scene based off of a sketch that I send you
  • Can replicate my art style 
  • You can use any program you are most comfortable working in, and deliver the scene as a .png

Diagram explaining the basic idea of my Line Art style:(ignore the written instructions, and just take note of the inner/outer line style) :–qdk-dI2eL6eyrOY_8DHl7zJs/view?usp=sharing



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