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Hey, I’m Paolo, I run an growth agency for fast growth online brands looking to grow faster.

I am looking for a designer based in the european or UK timezone (we are based in Milan) who is of very high quality to help structure designs of emails and advertising campaigns for our brands.

The work will need around 10+ hours a week of your time.

Over the past 12 months we’ve worked with over 20+ brands and we only ever take on 3-5 brands at a time to deliver the best, most high quality work.

You may have seen some of the brands we’ve worked with;

– On Joe Rogans podcast

– In Walmart & Tescos

– Or advertised on your social feed

We’re also trusted by some of the biggest branding agencies on this side of europe / london as an ‘Email Partner’ for their clients – so our work has to be top notch.


The person who would fit, is a more experienced designer who knows exactly what looks great and why something looks bad.

This person, later on, would be able to oversea other designers and critique their designs / advertising campaigns and make them better.

I’m looking for someone in a more ‘partner’ position: Every deal that comes in I’m looking to give you 15-20% of the deal / client fee. Each of our deals can range between €6000 to €12000. And we have a team of 4 people.

With possibility to change to a salary base + deal share when things become more full time.

The perfect fit:

  • Is someone who I get along with
  • Someone who has 10+ hours a week to commit
  • Likes remote work
  • Is Based on the european/UK/ close to Milan time zone.
  • Has a ‘I’ll figure out’ work ethic, whilst being curious
  • Has a deep experience of design
  • And is an excellent communicator

Facts about me:

  • I myself am an ex UI / UX designer turned into agency owner so we’ll get along on the design side
  • I’m half italian / half irish, born in UK.
  • Based in Milan
  • 22 Years Old dude building a remote business

If you’re interested, and think you’d be a good fit with me, here’s what would be required of you;

  • Design / Lead design on the email side for our clients
  • Build out email creatives in Figma / Photoshop
  • Learn, develop and create better ways to get more click on email
  • Create seamless experiences in the inbox to the online store
  • Collaborate with me to improve designs
  • Implement best practices of email design

Let me know if you’re available and willing to work with me by sending me a message or email to ‘paolorlouis@gmail.com’ (I’ve given this email so my biz email does not get heavily hit).

Please also link to some of your previous email design / advertising design work.

Thank you!

Paolo, Lead Partner at We Send Email


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