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Navy & Cream

My team at Farther Finance is looking for a freelancer to create stylistic and custom icons.


Here are more details below:


  • We need icons for our fintech product and illustrative icons/graphics for our marketing materials



  • Looking for a visual designer, UI designer, illustrator, iconographer, or just someone who creates icons.



  • 1 month, the shorter, the better



  • We are based in the US and are a remote team. We operate on the west (PDT) and east (EST) coast times. We want to work with you remotely.



Our Brief:


Priority (In Order)

  • Marketing illustrative icons
  • App Icons
  • Product Icons



  • Follow our Company’s style guide (we will provide)


Web Application

  • Create or modify 118 (*2) 24 x 24 Icons
  • Outlined & Filled
  • We want 2 color versions: Navy & Cream
    • i.e. Our cream icons will be placed on a navy background

App Icons

  • Create or modify 15 (*2) 50 x 50 icons
  • Filled
  • We want 2 color versions: Navy & Cream
    • i.e. Our navy icons will be placed on a cream background


  • Create or modify 37 100×100 illustrative icons
  • Filled & Outlined
  • You can use our primary or/and secondary colors (color palette will be provided)
  • Take inspiration from the company’s elements: glyphs and patterns



  • Our team will look through the applications, narrow them down, and move forward with those who have work that aligns with our style guide and product needs.


If you are hired

  • You will receive and reference our style guide that includes but is not limited to: color palette and graphic elements.
  • You will get our list of current icons that need to be modified or recreated by you.

What we need from you

  • Your body of work, portfolio, or online website that illustrate your icon work and experience
  • Your estimated delivery timeline
  • Send us your flat rate for this project



  • Will be billed by flat rate / project-based only


Let me know if you have any questions, comments, etc!

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