Fundraising Consultant

  • Anywhere
Organization: Synergy for Justice
Closing date: 3 Dec 2021

Synergy for Justice Stichting is seeking a part-time, temporary fundraising consultant to help us develop and implement a detailed action plan to target foundations and individual donors interested in supporting our work. We would like to contract a consultant for a 6-month period that may be renewable based upon success of the first 6 months. This part-time position will be remote, but preferably based in Europe/Middle East or East Coast of US and with strong internet connections for meetings.


• Develop (with us) a strategic fundraising plan for 2022 to target individuals, corporations, and philanthropic foundations.

• Help us to transform complex human rights and justice concepts into digestible campaigns for the general public;

• Make recommendation for giving platforms and/or foundations we should work with and initiate communication with target donors if needed;

• Draft social media posts and other materials for use during fundraising campaigns;

• Support to the program development team and provide input during drafting and editing of proposals aimed at individuals, corporations or philanthropic foundations.

Required Qualifications

• Successful and demonstrable track record of fundraising work with non profit human rights organisations;

• Appreciation of and commitment to human rights and justice programming;

• Excellent written and oral communication skills in English;

• Ability to transform complex human rights and justice activities into digestible campaigns for the general public;

• Understanding of how to effectively integrate fundraising efforts with social media; and

• Experience working with small NGOs.


• Experience fundraising in the US, UK, and Netherlands;

• Understanding of receipts requirements related to gifts received from residents in US, UK, and Netherlands;

• Well connected with donors in philanthropy circles;

• Good understanding of corporate foundations that would not compromise our ethics;

• An understanding of our work as explained on our website.

How to apply:

Interested applicants should submit CV and cover letter (both in PDF format) to for immediate consideration. Daily rate must be included for consideration. CV and cover letter should be labelled with your last name and document type, e.g. “Johnson CV”. Feel free to share materials and/or campaigns previously developed as examples of work. We will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis and will close the search once a suitable pool of candidates is identified.