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Organization: International Federation of Red Cross And Red Crescent Societies
Closing date: 11 Jan 2023

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is the largest humanitarian organization in the world and has undertaken an HR strategy that focuses on the importance of the health and well-being of its staff. A key element within the HR Strategy is the current Psychosocial Support Program. In existence for several years now the Program operates from Geneva with a global team covering all 5 regions (Africa, America, MENA, Asia Pacific and Europe). The purpose of the Program is to offer ongoing support to staff and delegates alike in the areas of individual and group counselling, first aid, therapy, webinars, workshops on specific work-related issues, trainings and information sessions. The PSP Team is also available as and when requested by the Regional Offices to undertake field visits to affected areas or delegations of concern.

The aim of these support program, at its full capacity, is to provide services within all Regions through engaging with consultants in a decentralized way. While the primary support functions are provided at the regional level, the support and coordination of the program is based in Geneva.

The Federation’s psychosocial support programme for staff is well established and much appreciated by delegates, national staff and the National Societies who utilise the services.

Tasks and responsibilities of the PSS counsellors include:

  1. Ensure individual counselling on request and under strict confidentiality
  2. Provide PSS briefings/ debriefings to staff, either individually or as a group
  3. Provide mental health screening and regular check in with staff according to defined schedules
  4. Reinforce and support self-assessments and knowledge of such methods
  5. Provide critical incident debriefings to staff as needed
  6. Undertake missions to the delegation according to identified ToR when required and agreed
  7. Maintain a regular form of communication with the Regional Office.
  8. Be prepared to coordinate with other members of the team if a colleague is absent, ill or on vacation etc.
  9. If required to be available to guide and train new counsellors who may be appointed.
  10. Be prepared to share documents / papers / workshop information with the rest of the PSP Team in order to enhance the overall performance of the Team
  11. If required to be prepared to represent the IFRC at events or conferences (etc)
  12. Provide training on stress management and psychological support elements for larger groups, either staff or meeting participants on request
  13. Contribute to the PSS Annual report and to monthly statistics
  14. Provide reports on request
  15. Ensure active participation on team meetings
  16. Design and organize sharing sessions with all staff to understand the services and encourage them to access them.
  17. Develop site-specific guidance and support for different situation and delegations
  18. PSS counsellors will be expected to abide by the IFRC Code of Conduct in their dealings with all staff and volunteers.

Required Qualifications:

  1. Psychologist or psychotherapist (university degree and professional qualifications required, licensed).
  2. Trained in psycho- traumatology or critical incident debriefing (preferred).



  1. 5 plus years of relevant technical experience in the mental health fields or similar (psychology, psychotherapy, psychiatry etc)
  2. Design and delivering relevant workshops.
  3. Working in multicultural context


  1. Knowledge and belief in the 7 Fundamental Principles of the IFRC
  2. Work experience in the international humanitarian world, operating in emergencies

Skills required:

  1. Self-supported in computing systems.
  2. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Clear, open and transparent
  3. Ability to work with multi-discipline and multi-cultural teams in a cross functional environment
  4. Able to perform presentation for larger groups
  5. Work under stressful situations
  6. Cultural sensitivity and adaptability with clients

Other requirements:

  1. Availability for short visits to surrounding countries at short notice.
  2. Being available to provide psychosocial support outside regular working hours as the situation requires.
  3. Be an integrated and committed team member.
  4. Attendance to the regular cycle of virtual PSP team meetings; hosted by the Team Coordinator in Geneva
  5. Self-motivated and innovative
  6. Efficient and skilled record-keeping


  1. English: Fluent in written and verbal (essential)
  2. Malay: Fluent in written and verbal (essential)
  3. French and Spanish: asset
  4. Other language: an asset

Competencies, Values and Comments

Values: Respect for diversity; Integrity; Professionalism; Accountability.

Core competencies: Communication; Collaboration and teamwork; Judgement and decision making; National society and customer relations; Creativity and innovation; Building trust

How to apply

Please click here to apply: IFRC job detail | IFRC



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