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Organization: Article 19
Closing date: 5 May 2021

ARTICLE 19 is looking for a consultant who will advise on suitable project management systems to meet the needs of the organisation. They will also support the acquision, testing and roll-out of the selected system. The proposed timescale for the project is 12 months starting in May 2021.**

1. Introduction

ARTICLE 19 is a global organisation with offices in the UK, USA, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Kenya, Mexico, Senegal and Tunisia. We promote and defend freedom of expression and freedom of information. In collaboration with partners across the world, we strengthen the capacity of national and international civil society to influence powerholders. We also defend and promote related, underpinning rights, such as: freedom of belief, freedom of assembly and association, freedom from discrimination, and the right to privacy and participation.

The Projects Team is in charge of a global project portfolio and project management system that has been in place for 5 years. ARTICLE 19 is looking to review and/or replace the present system with a new one system that will better suit the present needs of the organization.

2. Scope of the work

We will provide the consultant with the concept note, lessons learned and project timeline among other documents. Specifically, we will ask the successful consultant to:

· Oversee the organisation needs analysis exercise: The consultant will oversee and support a needs analysis exercise that the Projects Team will carry out. This should include a survey to identify project and portfolio management needs, internal reporting, targeted data collection and other related processes.

· Support the development of the system specifications: Working closely with Projects Team, guide the discussion to identify and prioritise features the new system must have to meet ARTICLE 19 needs to create the new system’s specifications.

· Identify and assess existing project management systems and match them to our needs: The consultant will identify and assess existing platforms and provide an analysis on how they match ARTICLE 19’s identified needs. The assessment should provide information and insights on its features, such as: robustness and fastness, ease of use, fitness of purpose, initial and running costs, time to set up type of contract or license ARTICLE 19 needs to acquire, together with other important features. Options should include off the shelf systems, bespoke or hybrid systems)

· Write a report based on the findings and recommend a product: The report is to describe features and provide insights into the systems analysed including advantages and disadvantages; the rationale behind the ranking of the top 3 products, and the next steps for the roll out across the organization.

· Guide the Projects Team during the first stages of the roll-out: Guide the Projects Team during the initial tests, pilot and roll out of the system across the organization. This should include planning and preparing for data migration, inductions and training for staff and temporary parallel running of both systems, if necessary and decommission and archiving of the present system.

· Debriefing and lessons learned: To hold a debriefing session to summarise the work done, lessons learned and further recommendations. **

3. Main stakeholders for this work:

The consultant is to work with the Projects Team , leading the platform replacing process, but also with the Project Steering Committee, Project Task Team and other ARTICLE 19 members of staff, as necessary.

4. Methodology

The methodology to be used by the consultant should be outlined in one of the initial meeting with Projects Team.

5. Requirements:

· Extensive knowledge of existing Project/Portfolio Management systems, or internal reporting systems available off the shelf and with options to customize

· Broad experience using, implementing, and analysing project management platforms and internal reporting systems for international non-for-profit organisations

· Experience in matching available products against specific needs

· Experience overseeing needs analysis, selection in acquisition of systems and in its testing and rolling out

· Fluent in written and spoken English

· Must have or be able to attain a UK work permit

The consultant must provide an up-to-date CV, cover letter and at least two references.

6. Timeframe, planning and budget

Management structure: The consultant will be managed by the Projects Team, specifically by Teresa Hall, Senior Compliance and Project Management Officer, who will also provide logistical support.

The consultancy period is to take place between April 2021 and January 2022, in principle, but it could be extended if necessary. It is expected that the bulk for the work will be between April and July 2021 with a few overseeing days during the system roll-out until completion in January 2022. The consultant is expected to plan the number of days that should include catch up regular meetings with Teresa Hall and/or the Steering Committee as required.

As part of the proposal, the consultant is asked to provide a budget including the estimated time needed and hour/day rate to carry out the work. Budget available for this consultancy is £7,800 including VAT.

7. Deliverables

  1. Inception report: Once awarded, the consultant will provide a brief inception report within 10 days outlining the scope of work with the intended work plan. It should detail how he or she intends to carry out the work and outline the methodology. This report should include a proposed schedule of activities and deliverables as agreed with A19.

  2. Participation in the needs’ analysis discussion session: Based on the findings of a survey, hold a session to discuss needs analysis

  3. Systems analysis findings presentation: Based on the findings of previously agreed systems, hold a meeting to provide insight into the systems, highlighting its most competitive features and sign posting the one(s) that could better fit ARTICLE 19 needs.

  4. Project Management system replacement report: The report should consolidate the findings included in points 2 and 3 and recommend a system (s), with next steps including testing, pilot, training and roll out, data migration and decommissioning of previous system.

  5. Guidance in the system roll out, through regular meetings with Projects Team, technical support and problem solving as necessary.

  6. Final debriefing session: The consultant is required to schedule a debriefing session to present the final report and take questions from the Projects Team and/or the Project Committee Meeting.

8. Additional notes:

ARTICLE 19 staff is working from home until further notice. All meetings will be online.

Interested applicants should send their CV, cover letter and proposed budget for the consultancy to Teresa Hall, Senior Compliance and Project Management Officer ( by Wednesday 5rd May 2021. Early applications are encouraged and will be reviewed on a rolling basis as we reserve the right to move forward the applications deadline.

How to apply:

Interested applicants should send their CV, cover letter and proposed budget for the consultancy to Teresa Hall, Senior Compliance and Project Management Officer ( by Wednesday 5rd May 2021. Early applications are encouraged and will be reviewed on a rolling basis as we reserve the right to move forward the applications deadline.


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