Consultancy: Learning & Instructional Design for Research Foundational Trainings

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Organization: IMPACT Initiatives
Closing date: 19 May 2022



IMPACT is looking for a learning and instructional design advisor on a consultancy basis to advise on best practices in pedagogical approaches/ methods for adult learning in professional environments.

Specifically, the consultant(s) will work on the development of learning tools and templates, including preliminary course materials, to support the pilot roll-out of IMPACT’s Research Foundational Trainings in the second half of 2022. The aim of this training package is to familiarise new staff with existing research tools and guidelines within IMPACT, while also promoting their knowledge of / skills for implementing priority research cycles of strategic importance such as the REACH Multi Sector Needs Assessments (MSNAs).

Through this, the consultant would thus be contributing towards the overall capacity building for one of the leading research organisations in the humanitarian and development sector.

Duration of consultancy

Approximately 4-6 weeks (30 working days), with a preferred starting date between 25th May – 6th June 2022

Expected completion date:

The consultancy is expected to start by end of May / early June 2022, with the latest completion date of 15th July 2022.

Background to IMPACT’s Research Foundational Trainings**

A core component of IMPACT’s overall capacity building strategy, Foundational Trainings are intended to promote learning among all new staff, ideally within their first three-six months, in order to enhance their ability to operate in their specific roles within the organisation. These trainings are thus meant to bridge the gap between 1) preliminary induction sessions that all new staff are expected to participate in at the start and 2) more advanced capacity building that they can eventually access as they progress in their roles within IMPACT.

As of April 2022, a preliminary Foundational Training package has been developed targeting IMPACT staff that are / will be working on the REACH MSNA workstream. Building on this work, IMPACT is now in the process of expanding the initial package into a wider programme of Research Foundational Trainings which aims to familiarise new staff with existing tools and guidelines for research implementation within IMPACT (including research design, data processing and analysis, and finally, drafting of information products), while also promoting their technical and strategic understanding of priority programmatic workstreams such as the REACH MSNAs.

Objectives of the Consultancy

Building on an initial set of materials that have been developed recently for the REACH MSNA Foundational Trainings, the consultant will utilize his/ her knowledge and expertise to expand these into a set of learning tools and templates for the wider purpose of IMPACT’s Research Foundational Training package.

The consultant will perform the following:

  • Develop a detailed learning plan and course structure (per module) for the Research Foundational Training package, based on a preliminary outline shared at the start of the consultancy
  • Develop detailed guidance notes for course material development (per module), based on example template and relevant knowledge materials to be shared at the start of the consultancy
  • Develop content example (alpha version) for a sample of 1-2 modules, including (but not limited to) presentation slides, guidance notes, and quizzes/tests to measure knowledge retention

The consultant will work closely with the IMPACT Research Department, especially the Head of Research, and he/ she will also engage with the global REACH MSNA team as needed. The consultant will be based remotely for the duration of this work, with travel to IMPACT’s offices in Geneva anticipated for the kick-off and conclusion meetings.

Expected deliverables

The consultant shall provide IMPACT with the following deliverables:

  1. A detailed Learning Plan for the Research Foundational Trainings including:

    1. Summary of key learning objectives, target audience and overall scope
    2. Breakdown of course structure and learning plan, by module
  2. Instructor notes for course material development per module

  3. Example content (alpha version) for sample of 1-2 modules, including (but not limited to) presentation slides, guidance notes, and quizzes/ tests to measure knowledge retention

Please note that deliverables 1 & 2 will be subject to the approval of the Senior Management Team, especially the Deputy Executive Director (Research & Advocacy), Head of Research and the Head of HR, before considered as final deliverables.


This assignment is planned to be accomplished within up to 30 working days, with a preferred starting date between 25th May – 6th June 2022.

The following schedule and deliverables are suggested:

Deliverables & Schedule

Consultancy kick off meeting

1 day

Review of relevant documentation and submit work plan and any other additional documentation requirements

1 day

Develop detailed Learning Plan including:

  • Summary of key learning objectives, target audience and overall scope of the Research Foundational Trainings
  • Breakdown of course structure and lesson plan by module

3 days (total): 2 days to develop + 1 day to incorporate feedback, finalise

Develop instructor notes for course material development per module (preliminary template to be shared at the start of the consultancy)

20 days (total): 15 days to develop (at least 1 day per module) + 5 days to incorporate feedback, finalise

Develop example content for a sample of 1-2 modules (alpha version) including, but not limited to:

  • Presentation slides
  • Accompanying guidance notes
  • Quizzes/ tests to measure knowledge retention

5 days

Expertise Requirements

The consultant(s) should have the following background:

  • Experience with instructional design and the development of learning materials for adult professional audiences, preferably in the humanitarian or development sector
  • Experience with designing or implementing trainings that engages learners, meets learning objectives and improves overall job performance
  • Some prior experience with research in the humanitarian and / or development sector preferred
  • Fluency in English required; proficiency in French or Spanish an asset
  • Ability to operate MS Office suite (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook)
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, especially in a multi-cultural work environment
  • Ability to manage time and resources effectively in order to produce timely, high quality work

Additional details

Taxation and Registration

  • Please note that the consultancy firm or independent consultant will have to provide proof of registration, comply with all government rules and will be responsible for government taxes.

Travel to Geneva:

  • Any relevant travel to and from Geneva, as well as accommodation in hotel in Geneva will be paid directly by IMPACT and does not need to be included in the offer. Note that IMPACT will not cover any other cost such as food and per diem.

Field mission arrangements:

  • Apart from trip(s) to Geneva, no field missions are foreseen under this consultancy.

How to apply:

Application Requirements

Interested candidates should submit their application to together with the following:

  • CV
  • A technical proposition, including timeline for required deliverables
  • A financial proposition, in USD, outlining the estimated number of man/days for each activity outlined below.
  • Summary of relevant experiences (at least three) and accompanying references if possible
  • Proof of registration as a consultant and completed Supplier’s Questionnaire and Ethical Declaration

The selection criteria for applicants comprises of the following:

  • Overall relevance of past experience and (if applicable) relevance of proposed team (6 points)
  • Relevance of technical proposition (5 points)
  • Financial proposition (6 points)
  • Demonstrated understanding of the consultancy ToR and required deliverables (3 points)




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