Call for Local Partnership for Arts and Culture Event in the MENA Region

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Organization: American Friends Service Committee
Closing date: 23 Jan 2022


Call for Local Partnership for Arts and Culture Event in the MENA Region


Background & Rationale

American Friends Services Committee (AFSC) was founded in 1917 during World War I. In accordance with their Quaker faith, AFSC promotes lasting peace with justice, as a practical expression of faith in action. It has been working in the Middle East region since 1948.

AFSC works with communities and partners worldwide to challenge unjust systems and promote lasting peace. In collaboration with local communities, neighborhoods, and working with people of many backgrounds, we nurture the seeds of change and respect for human life that transform social relations and systems. AFSC’s programs foster understanding and reconciliation, promote economic development and food security, educate the public on various social issues, and foster diversity, inclusion, and equality in communities in the United States and around the world.

As part of its activities, AFSC conducts a series of Dialogue and Exchange Programs (DEP), where Global South leaders—from the grassroots organizations, civil society, and government—come together to learn, exchange ideas, and collectively solve problems. The DEP enables people living in the Global South to participate in short-term, strategic seminars, conferences, training, and exchanges that cross boundaries. Our approach to international dialogue and exchange is rooted in the belief that solutions can be found within a group’s history, knowledge, culture, and resources

AFSC will hold a DEP to explore the power and potential of cultural organizing, with a special focus on the MENA region. The arts and creativity have a special and important role in bringing people together, moving hearts and minds, and helping populations, especially young people, develop positive identities and methods of self-expression. Likewise, cultural organizing can play a pivotal role in crossing the colonial-imposed borders in MENA. Participants will discuss strategies to support networks of artists, find ways to authentically and meaningfully connect with other artists and activists, and share case studies of innovative organizing that demonstrates the efficacy of arts and culture work connected to impactful social justice advocacy.

Purpose of the Partnership:

AFSC is seeking a local partner in Morocco with strong knowledge of the art and culture environment in the MENA region to support the preparation and implementation of the DEP that will take place in May/June 2022. The partner must be an organization located in Morocco, with the capacity to assist AFSC team with the logistic aspect of the event. We aspect the partner to be able to give input about the context and implementation possibilities but the main logistic actions will be carried out by the AFSC admin team.

Prior to the event, in collaboration with AFSC staff and the event management consultant, the partner will work on securing the relevant governmental documentation for the event and will also be responsible for the participants’ visa requests. It will make recommendations about the venue(s), accommodation, transportation, and other relevant aspects that need to be arranged before the event.

The regional dialogue will be a 4-day event (5-6 days with arrival and departure), held in Morocco from 19-24 June 2022 (to be confirmed), and it will host around 50 participants. The partner will be supporting AFSC Admin and PD Teams during the days of the event for the coordination of the activities and their successful implementation,

Deliverables and Responsibilities

When conducting all required activities, the consultant/coordinator should adhere to and observe COVID-19 regulations accordingly. Travel is required and activities will be done in person, sanitary situation permitting.

The selected partner is expected, in collaboration with the consultant, to effectively deliver the following main tasks and products:

  1. Manage governmental relations and provide relevant documentation and needed approvals

  2. Manage the visa submissions process for the participants, including providing them with supporting documents and any other kind of assistance related to the process

  3. Support AFSC Admin Team with the venue(s) selection for the event, which may possibly be a part of the partner’s own venue or another site/location

  4. Support in selecting accommodation for the participants

  5. Propose a cultural site-seeing trip inside Morocco (TBD)

  6. Coordination and assistance during the event, administrative and logistics (additionally, AFSC will have its own coordinator to be in partnership with)

  7. Media relations and media coverage (to be determined)

Timeframe for deliverables:

Orientation session held by AFSC staff regarding the DEP: January 2022

Final submission of the work plan: January /February 2022

Governmental approvals: February/March 2022

Visa for the participants: April 2022

Logistics (venue, accommodation, etc.) : April-May 2022

Participation in Online seminar: May 2022

Regional Dialogue: 19-24 June 2022 (to be confirmed)

Required qualifications:

Teams and/or firms should indicate their location and include a detailed proposal with a technical and financial plan. The proposal should include:

  • Information about the organization and its relevant experience regarding the purpose of the partnership

  • The organization’s portfolio (examples of previous work) the team to assess the capacity, in addition to the CV of the person responsible.

  • Technical proposal including the methodology they will adopt to achieve the partnership deliverables (3-4 pages max)

  • Financial proposal showing the expected expenses of each deliverable

Applications that don’t contain all the documents will be disqualified.

The selected partner should possess the following qualifications:

  1. Demonstrated experience in previous implementation of events and logistics

  2. Deep understanding and knowledge of the country’s context and governmental dynamics to host an event and ensure permits and visas.

  3. Deep understanding and knowledge of the art/culture environment and scene in the MENA region (by art scene, we consider a past and contemporary background about figurative art, cinema, music, theater, and other forms of art).

  4. Deep understanding and knowledge of the social, political, and economic contexts in the MENA region.

  5. The ability to read and communicate in Arabic and in English.

  6. Adequacy of the proposed methodology and work plan in responding to this TOR.

Budget for the facilitation

  1. The budget available for the partnership will be determined based on the proposals.

  2. Prices are to be submitted in USD and are valid for 30 days starting from the offer’s submission closing date.

  3. The quotation must be detailed and based on the work mechanism proposed by the partner.

  4. Price offers must be exclusive of value added tax (zero tax invoices) for establishments officially registered with the Ministry of Finance; while for individuals and non-profit institutions, the offered prices will be subject to law deduction of income tax.

  5. AFSC is not obligated to accept the lowest prices.

  6. AFSC have the right to extend the deadline and/or re-advertise in the event of receiving a small number of offers and/or in case technical and financial committees do not select any candidate.

How to apply:

All proposed methodology, work plan and financial offers must be submitted by email l to (cc:, and no later than January 23, 2021, at 5:00 PM (Jordanian time and date) mentioning in the subject: “.Local Partnership for Arts and Culture Event in the MENA Region”