83378318_Regional Tender_ Design and Development of Crowdfunding Platform for the Africa CDC

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Organization: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
Closing date: 30 Apr 2021

Terms of Reference for the Design and Development of Crowdfunding Platform for the African Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC)

Start Date: 01/06/2021

End Date:** 30/08/2021

Background to the GIZ DataCipation

Ensuring meaningful participation by African citizens in governance spaces as well as encouraging increased use of innovative data, digital and non-digital technologies in addressing governance and development challenges in Africa are critical drivers towards attaining Africa’s Agenda 2063. Adopted in 2015 by all African Union member states, the Agenda 2063 is a vision and action plan to reach a prosperous and united Africa.

Across many African countries, citizens from all walks of life – women, youths, people with disabilities, the African Diaspora, private sector, civil society, media, and academia etc. – support policymakers by bringing their needs and ideas as input into the governance and development agenda at all levels. At the same time, digital innovations aimed at supporting continental, regional and national governance and development agendas are becoming increasingly widespread. Government policies that aim to ensure the digital inclusion of citizens and spur digital innovations continue to grow.

Despite this progress, there are still numerous opportunities for broader citizen engagement and digital innovation in governance and development spaces. Continental and regional organisations such as the African Union (AU) and the Regional Economic Communities (RECs) have a huge role to play as connectors of policymakers and citizens, conveners of innovation stakeholders and public sector actors and catalysers for innovative data use and methodologies, new technologies and social innovations on the continent.

The GIZ DataCipation project supports the African Union and its organs to enhance its mandate on citizens engagement. Through a series of interventions and mechanisms, the DataCipation provides advisory and implementation support to the African Union to engage African citizens in the implementation of its mandate. In this context, the project is providing support to the African Centres for Diseases Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) to explore innovative approaches to inclusion of African citizens in responding to health emergencies.

Objectives of the assignment and expected features

Following consultations with stakeholders as well as pilots carried out during health emergencies (Ebola Outbreak in West Africa and COVID-19 pandemic), the African Centres for Diseases Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) seeks to create a platform to crowd-in micro investments from individual citizens in Africa and the diaspora. These micro investments will fund health emergencies in Africa in line with the mandate of the Africa CDC and with the approval of the African Union.

The firm will be required to create a web platform ensuring the completion of following tasks within the timeline:

  1. Account Management

  2. Allow users to create account and manage profile.

  3. Users are able to see metrics related to their donations as well as metric related to open campaigns

  4. Users can access results and updates for specific campaigns

  5. Payments and Money Management

  6. Users are able to make payments through multiple channels acceptable in Africa – Debit/Credit Card, Mobile Money, USSD, Cryptocurrencies etc. Initial coverage of at least 80% of African countries.

  7. Admin is able to make withdrawal to specified remittance account

  8. Admin Dashboard

  9. Design and manage admin dashboard with metrics including breakdown of funds raised by country/channel/donors

  10. Payment logs by gateway

  11. Rewards

  12. Design rewards levels including badges to demonstrate commitment

  13. Users are able to share rewards and badges across social profiles.

  14. Communication

  15. Newsletter Management to contact all users or specific user groups

  16. Automatic emails on reminders/new campaigns/reports etc

  17. Mobile SMS notification

    Required tasks**

    The consulting firm will be responsible for:

  18. Web development and deployment related to the development of the crowdfunding platform In consultation with the GIZ-DataCipation and Africa CDC teams,

  19. Design the exact functionalities and layout incorporating a co-designing process (workshop) with a group of stakeholders

  20. Deployment including the setting up of environment and installation of the software in the agreed web location

  21. The vendor will provide Configuration Documentation and Installation Guide/Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) which should clearly state how to manage the website, details of the database, payment integration modules, environment and its configuration.

    Additionally, the consulting firm will be expected to define in a participatory way the exact content and structure of the platform and subsequently produce the online platform that should

  22. Be easily accessible, i.e mobile phone, Web based platform,

  23. Ensure that it is easily used by people with difficulty accessing strong internet connection, easily accessible to people with disabilities. i.e accessible colours and fonts irrespective of the device, etc

  24. Ensure that the platform could be further updated by the relevant stakeholders themselves through a content management system

  25. Secure with high level data encryptions, right policies for data protection at both the African continental and country level

  26. Multi-lingual: French, English, (and in the future Arabic, Portuguese) as a minimum. There should be provision for adding African languages

  27. Robust and scalable enough to accommodate/ facilitate high number of users


    The implementation of the assignment should at least include the following steps:

  28. Providing technical input into a virtual co-design workshop with users and target groups

  29. Presentation of Sample Website/Application Design, Wireframe and Software Requirement Specification (SRS) before final programming stage

  30. Presentation of the alpha version

  31. Adjustment of the alpha version according to the needs discovered during the testing

  32. Delivery of the beta version with all its functionalities adapted

    The services would be considered to have been delivered when:

  33. The application source code is transferred to the Africa CDC team

  34. The application is installed and all requirements and conditions are met as stated in the TOR and inception report

  35. The application with all its features listed as per this TOR is up and running and available on an agreed web server

  36. All user rights are transferred

  37. Payment accounts are transferred to the Africa CDC Team

  38. Submission of required documentation is complete, approved and signed along with the complete Source Code Successful functioning of the application for 90 days (3 months warranty) with no functionality and data issues reported;

  39. The End User training is complete

    Training, Maintenance / Support Period

    The firm will provide 3 months warranty and a further 3 months support as per the details below:

  40. Trouble shooting: In the event that any functionality is not working properly etc.

  41. Remote support for assistance in changing/editing/modifying modules, webpage via call or emails if required

  42. Bug fixes for any existing functionality.

    It is not expected that operational management will happen during these periods.

    Proposed timeline and process

    Expected timeline is three months from signing of contract. It is expected that the process should include but not limited to:

  43. Planning: This will include a virtual consultative co-designing workshop with the core team as well as with a team of stakeholders to refine and determine:

  44. Goals of the project

  45. Target Audience

  46. Full list of requirements and detailed feature request

  47. Design: The design stage will include developing the required design elements, mock-ups etc. based on the outcomes of the workshop

  48. Development: The consultant will work on the programming taking note to maintain a clear code structure as well as comprehensive comments.

  49. Launch: The alpha product is launched in a pilot with selected user groups. The consultant will support the launch and deployment of the product this launch.

  50. Post launch support: The post launch support will involve troubleshooting, tracking and fixing bugs as well providing and revising training material.


    Proposals will be evaluated on:

  51. Overall Response

  52. Quality of Proposal

  53. Understanding of, and responsiveness to requirements;

  54. Understanding of scope, objectives and completeness of response;

  55. Overall coherence between requirements and the proposal.

  56. Methodology

  57. Quality of the proposed approach and methodology;

  58. Quality of proposed implementation plan

  59. Risk assessment – recognition of the risks and methods to prevent and manage risks

  60. General capacities

  61. The Consultant must demonstrate a track record of successful delivery of relevant web platforms

  62. The Consultant should be skilled in presenting complex technical and other issues to non-technical managers;

  63. The Consultant should be skilled in the use of standard methodologies for developing web applications, and adopt such a methodology for this project;

    Requirements/ Qualifications for a team leader and a pool of experts

    Team Leader/Project Manager

  64. A Master’s degree or diploma in IT development, project management, business management, product management or similar qualification

  65. Minimum of 5 years’ experience in development of online platforms

  66. Experience in co-creation methods involving a variety of different stakeholders

  67. Experience in commercial product design. An understanding of the payment ecosystem in Africa would be an asset;

  68. Fluent in spoken and written English and/or French. Working level of the other language will be an asset;

  69. Good communication and facilitation skills;

  70. Good interpersonal skills

    Pool of Experts

    The pool of experts should be very knowledgeable on development of online platforms. In addition, the team should include at least the following skills and competencies

    Expert 2 – Product Designer

  71. Bachelor’s Degree in product management, business management, marketing or similar qualification

  72. Minimum of 4 years’ experience in IT or product design environments. At least 2 years’ experience working on design of web and/or mobile application products

  73. Good communication skills;

    Expert 3 – Software Developer

  74. Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma in Computer Science, IT Development or similar qualification

  75. Minimum of 5 years’ experience in IT or product design environments. At least 3 years’ experience in full stack software development

  76. Good communication skills;

How to apply:

Should you be interested in implementing the tasks according to the Terms of Reference (see attachment), send a bid electronically to

AU_Quotation@giz.de by April 30, 2021 (date of receipt at GIZ) in English language.

You can send a request to AU_Bidderquestions@giz.de by indicating on the subject line 83378318 to get the tender documents.

For further quires please send an email to



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