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Hi all!

I am Ludovica, an Interaction Designer for VROEGH Design, a design agency for bikes, and more.

We’re looking for a 3D artist and animator that will help us to make some 3d renders and animation of the bikes designed by VROEGH Design. We also have designers and product engineers in the company, but they are very busy at the moment.

I am looking for someone that will be able to invest time in the next 2 months to make the necessary animations and renders for the re-design of the VROEGH Design Website, which I am working on. We have some storyboards and some models in Blender as well, and a plan of what we need.

Are you open to new projects right away? Dive into the bike world and have some sort of experience in the subject or related?

Would you be interested in discussing this opportunity? It is flexible and fully remote.

If you are in the Netherlands and you would wish to visit, of course, that would be possible, but not required.

Have a nice day!!


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